Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Woman mummified husband for 'resurrection'

A Russian woman kept her husband's mummified headless body for three years, believing he will return to life one day as a miracle.

The head of the family expired in 2009, but his wife could not bring herself to accept it, the report said. She preserved the body in the apartment and told the children he would come back to life.

The family kept acquaintances at bay by telling them the man was too ill to speak to anyone. They used air fresheners to mask the odour of the rotting body.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Bloody Jug Band needs your help!

Yo, boils & ghouls! The Bloody Jug Band Needs Your Help!!!

What would a Gang of Vultures be doing in the Woods on a Saturday Night??? Well, Let us Show our Next MUSIC VIDEO.

Due to the amazing response and success of our First 'Official' Music Video for the song 'Chained to the Bottom', which was Produced by Abyssmal Entertainment and has curre

ntly reached over 23,000 YouTube Views, We are launching a Fundraising Campaign through to Produce our Second 'Official' Music Video for the song 'Roadkill Boys', which appears on our critically acclaimed album, 'Coffin Up Blood'.

Our Goal is to raise the Creative and Visual bar with this Second Music Video. This will allow the BJB to grow its Global Fanbase, while continuing to support Central Florida's Independent Filmmakers and Artists.
Check it out and support a kickass band!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shocktail Hour – “Episode 9″ Full Episode with Vegas Rhythm Kings

JT & Baker work through their Halloween hangovers and cover upcoming cons & events, talk about this season of The Walking Dead, cool new comic books, and new movie news & reviews of The American Scream, The House at the End of the Street, and Hotel Transylvania. All that spooktacular fun, plus music by the Vegas Rhythm Kings from their new disc “The Screaming Dead”.

Dig it!

Friday, November 9, 2012


South African police have arrested a 42-year-old man found carrying human genitalia in his wallet, four days after his nephew went missing in the south of the country, officers said on Thursday.

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Kurtzman Estate and Feldstein seek to regain EC Copyrights

The latest in creators' efforts to reclaim copyrights of their comics works...............

The Journal has learned that legendary EC writer/editor Al Feldstein and the estate of Mad editor/cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman have filed notices to reclaim the copyrights on their work. Feldstein confirmed the filing and told the Journal he has already reached a settlement with the William M. Gaines Agency, which owns all the EC horror, science-fiction and crime properties that Feldstein worked on as editor and writer in the early 1950s. Those titles include the classic Crypt of Terror, Vault of Horror, Tales from the Crypt, Haunt of Fear, Weird Fantasy and Weird Science. Gaines agency administrator Dorothy Crouch confirmed the agency has reached an agreement with Feldstein, but declined to comment further.

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The science behind monsters

" . . . fictional monsters such as Dracula originally sprang from the fear of inexplicable diseases and the mysteries of death in the natural world.

So argues science journalist Matt Kaplan in "Medusa's Gaze and Vampire's Bite: The Science of Monsters," an examination of monsters around the world and throughout history - the science behind their origins, and why they matter to us even now."

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Police respond to report of woman shot.....oops Happy Halloween

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Police were called to what looked like a woman shot dead in her car but found a Halloween reveler they described as drunk and passed out in a bloody-looking zombie costume.

The news site reports ( that a passerby called police in Birmingham on Thursday morning after seeing the woman slumped over her steering wheel at a traffic light.

Police say officers roused the woman and removed her from the vehicle. Authorities say she was handcuffed and taken to the city jail on a driving under the influence of alcohol charge.

A photo of the woman by showed fake blood covering much of her torso as she was apprehended.

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