Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gas chamber scene controversy at haunt

Doris Fogel of Fort Wayne is a survivor of the Holocaust, which is why she said she was “horrified” when she heard about a local Halloween attraction that features a “gas chamber” among its spooky offerings.

Fogel, president of the Fort Wayne Jewish Federation, is speaking out against a feature of the Haunted Cave at 4410 Arden Drive in Fort Wayne. She said she learned of it last weekend from parents of a teenage girl who had visited the attraction and was disturbed.

“This is absolutely horrible to happen in 2012 in Fort Wayne,” she said.

Russ Gusching, the attraction’s co-founder, said Monday the feature was not meant to offend, but in hindsight, “perhaps a poor choice of words as to how we labeled the room.”

Full story in the link.

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