Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Controversial haunted house depicts serial killers


NEW YORK (WABC) -- There's a controversial haunted house in Manhattan. The house features gruesome depictions based on real-life serial killers. Families of their victims are outraged and offended.

Sometimes a true story is the spookiest of all. That's what Timothy Haskell was going for when he designed "Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House" on the Lower East Side.

"They're bogeymen. To me they're monsters, scary, terrifying and awful," Haskell said. So the house comes "alive" so to speak with actors playing the real serial killers and the spooky things associated with them.

But unfortunately, not everyone sees this as art.

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  1. That's a hard one. It's one thing to do a historical approach with serial killers from the DISTANT past (where you don't have immediate family members still living) but I can definitely understand how people would be upset.

    Things become dicey when you open up a haunt to the public. For example, I don't use bodies hanging from a noose in my PRIVATE display because I've known more than one family who lost a relative to a suicide hanging and would never want them to walk into my house and relive it. That's just a personal thing and I don't tell other people not to use such a prop.

    The hanging corpse is very generalized and other people would look at the prop and not associate it with a real person. What THIS guy is doing is very SPECIFIC...and VERY public. And it's using a PARTICULAR recent, publicized tragedy to entertain people.

    If it had been fictional serial killer characters and stories, no problem. Or something from the more distant past, no problem. Personally, I think this particular haunt is in poor taste or at least bad judgement for a PUBLIC haunt but I wouldn't go after the guy with pitch forks.

  2. Wow! I would love to visit it! In someways, I understand why some people are offended by it but the other way is like you said, it's art.