Friday, July 6, 2012

Hauntcast 40: "Thank God It's Friday (the 13th) Now Playing!!

What up, boils & ghouls!

This month's Hauntcast is bigger and better than ever, mostly due to the debut of my super spooktacular new segment "Inside the Haunt Actor's Studio"! Plus, there's all that other stuff that fills up the show. Ya know, stuff like...........  

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Chris Ainsworth of Thornhill Woods Haunted House. 

GHOULIE GROOVES: Mike Fox of Verse 13. 

THE BLACK MARKET: Craig Hines of Dark Imaginings. 

MARKETING MORGUE: Dick Terhune presents the Evil Book of Faces. 

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenent on tapping into the fears of the subconscious mind. 

INSIDE THE SCARE ACTOR’S STUDIO: Johnny Thunder, haunt actor. Method be damned! 

SHRUNKEN HEADLINES: Grimlock with haunting news and fresh links. 

SOMETHING WICKED: Wick-Ed Gannon with some haunt advertising strategies. 

THE CHARMED POT: The Mistress of Mayhem remembers author, Ray Bradbury. 

TERROR TURNPIKE: Eric Vysther says Dead Acres is the place to be in Columbus, OH. 

 MAD PROPS FOR PROPS: We’re stiff for Mr. Chicken’s Haunted Tombstone prop. 

PLUS!… This month we’re giving away a Silicone Mask, worth $550, from Altered Flesh FX. Congratulations to this month’s winner: Alison Kane!

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