Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bands for Shocktail Hour

Hey, boils & ghouls - if you are in a horror/Halloween band of any genre, or know anyone who is and would dig having an interview and feature on our amazing podcast, hit me up!

Always looking for cool new music and bands. Cheers!

Woman's body stolen from crypt

Weird local story......

PLEASANTVILLE, NJ (CBS/KYW) -- A padlocked chain now surrounds and protects the Spinelli family mausoleum at the Atlantic City Cemetery in Pleasantville where police say sometime Thursday night into Friday morning someone stole the body of 98-year-old Pauline Spinelli. She died in 1996.

Here's another link with more info about the possible cult connection spanning from Newark to Lancaster to AC............

Monday, July 30, 2012

Woman keeps mummified boyfriend


Police charged Linda Chase, 72, with forgery after they found her mummified boyfriend, Charles Zigler, inside her Jackson, Mich. home.

Chase previously admitted to cashing Zigler's benefits checks, but she said the only reason she allegedly kept the man's lifeless body for 18 months was that she was lonely.

Full story in the link.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Danzig" spirit boards

Dig it!!! Check out these official Misfits, Samhain & Danzig spirit boards!

Finally, DANZIG, MISFITS & SAMHAIN Ouija-type Spirit Boards on 'Real Birch Wood', not some crappy particle board or cardboard. Each Board is 12"x18".

The MISFITS & SAMHAIN Boards "Glow in the Dark" but the DANZIG Board is designed for the more serious/traditional Practioner.

Very Limited Edition of 222 Sets that's 666 Boards Total by Evilive & Lethal Amounts.
Each Board is #'d & then Signed by The Man himself GLENN DANZIG.

There will be a Limit of 2 sets per Customer. 1st come...1st Serve.

They are Available Now on on the 'verotik-world' ebay store & here on the DANZIG site.

Thanks to my buddy Scabbie for the head's up!

The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride shoot for ION TV

Yo, boils & ghouls! Last night was pretty cool. I was asked to be one of the actors for a TV shoot last night at The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride.

ION TV was there shooting a new haunt/Halloween special that I think will air this October. I was in my 'butcher' character that rocks, and Cos did badass makeup on me. I also wore the human skin butcher's apron, but didn't have it on when I got my pic taken. I was also carrying a wicked weapon- looked like a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire with nails stickin' out.....of course, replica/foam but still badass!!

We shot out in the Haunted Hayride, and I was in the asylum scene. Had a great time, but never having worked the Haunted Hayride before, it was definitely a learning experience/curve for me!

Special scream out to Carl who I talked with a little bit last night - fellow actor and (who the hell knew? hahahha) reader of this dopey blog. Cool cat!!!

I will let all you cool ghouls know when the special will air so you can catch The Bates - and me - in all spooky haunted awesomeness!!!!

Sven's Me-TV flick tonight "House of Dracula"

Universal Monsters Online in closed beta

What up, boils & ghouls! I got an email yesterday reminding/inviting me to participate in the closed beta testing of the new Universal Monsters Online game.

Head on over and join now to test out this kickass new game!

Here's the Universal Monsters Online site.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Kirkman says TWD season 3 "bigger" & "crazier"

Thanks to DC for the info carried by Collider. Kirkman talked a little bit about the upcoming season....

“We got Merle coming back, we got the Governor, Michonne; all that stuff is known. I’m trying to think of some buzz words or something that I can slip in there that AMC won’t get too angry about. I think there is an escalation that began at the end of the second season, and there’s not any kind of drop off. We kind of start off at that point, and it gets a little bit bigger and a little bit crazier moving into the introduction of the Governor and all the new elements that are coming in this season," Kirkman tells the site. “I think you might see a few more dollars on the screen in the third season. It’s gonna be bigger.”

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D trailer

Eagerly awaited sequel is coming, kids...........

When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood.

Opens October 26th!

The power of Christ compels you!

Weird pic & story.......... Wielding an ice pick, a crazed young man held a nine-year-old hostage in an event that easily could have turned tragic in Quezon City, Philippines early Saturday morning. Reimer Parparan, 24, held the ice pick to Mark Jason Pineda's throat as a woman calmly approached the scene holding a crucifix to the aggressor. The woman is believed to be Mark's mother, reports the Daily Mail.

Trailer Time: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Goat Man of Utah

Hey, kids - it's Goat Man!

Douglass said a man hiking Sunday along Ben Lomond peak in the mountains above Ogden, about 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, spotted the person dressed like a goat among a herd of real goats. The person provided some blurry photographs to Douglass, who said they did not appear to have been altered.

Wildlife officials now just want to talk to the man so that he is aware of the dangers. There's no telling what his intentions are, Douglass said, but it is believed he could just be an extreme wildlife enthusiast.....

....Coty Creighton, 33, spotted the goat man Sunday during his hike. He said he came across the herd, but noticed something odd about one goat that was trailing behind the rest...... .....Creighton said the man occasionally pulled up his mask, apparently trying to navigate the rocky terrain. The man then appeared to spot Creighton.

"He just stopped in his tracks and froze," he said.

Creighton moved down the mountain and hid behind a tree, then began snapping photographs.
The goat man then put his mask back on, Creighton said, got back down on his hands and knees and scurried to catch up with the herd.

"We were the only ones around for miles," Creighton said. "It was real creepy."
Full story on this weirdo in the link.

UPDATE: Boooo! He's just a hunter. No fun.

Links for Shocktail Hour 6

System Asylum

Insanitarium Haunted Attraction

Flashback Weekend

Colonial Spooktacular VII

Monster Mania Con

Blobfest 13

Universal Classic Monsters The Essential Collection Blu Ray

Universal Monsters Online

Top Haunts 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shocktail Hour Episode 6 now pouring!!

Cheers, boils & ghouls! Shocktail Hour episode 6 is up! This month Baker & I stumble through another madcap episode, talking about new video games & toys, Fall TV shows, new movie news & upcoming releases, as well as reviews of Asylum Blackout, The Tortured & Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. But wait - there's more! I report from Blobfest 13, and this month's special musical guest is System Asylum. Shocktail Hour - now with more kazoo & cowbell!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Walking Dead at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

Dig it!

Caught in the middle of a high-intensity struggle for survival, you fight off hordes of flesh-hungry, growling “walkers,” or zombies. No place is safe as you make your way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland with horror at every turn. Will you survive?

This fall, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are joining forces with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for their Halloween Horror Nights events. Visitors to both theme parks will be able to experience the horror of AMC’s blockbuster original series, “The Walking Dead,” in elaborately themed, haunted mazes. It marks the first-time Universal Studios has featured a television series at Halloween Horror Nights on both coasts.

The Golden Globe-nominated, Emmy Award-winning, series “The Walking Dead” is based on the comic book written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics. The series tells the story of the months and years that follow after a zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. “The Walking Dead” is the number-one drama series in basic cable history for adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.

Universal Studios’ Halloween creative teams are working with AMC and “The Walking Dead,” to create an authentic experience that is true to the Emmy Award-winning hit series. The haunted mazes on both coasts feature eerily authentic, elaborately designed, movie-quality sets that include some of the most iconic locations and scenes from the show. Mobs of undead walkers bring to “life” the vicious, hungry, zombies from the show.

“We want people to experience the same terror of the walker-filled reality our characters faced in seasons one and two - and will continue to face in our third season,” said Greg Nicotero, Co-Executive Producer and Special Effects Make-up Artist for the series. “Our collaboration with Universal Studios’ creative teams is exciting as we work to truly capture the essence of the show.”

“The collaboration with Universal Studios’ creative teams is a fantastic cross-promotional opportunity and a great way to capture the spirit of the series, which makes its season three debut on AMC this October,” said Linda Schupack, AMC’s Executive Vice President of Marketing.

“‘The Walking Dead’ puts real people in incredibly horrific situations where they experience true, raw fear, and guests at Halloween Horror Nights experience the same thing,” said Jim Timon, Senior Vice President of Entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort. “We can’t wait to merge the two powerful concepts together.”

“With ‘The Walking Dead,’ we want to make fans of the series feel like they are literally walking in the footsteps of the show’s characters, experiencing all of the horrific events from the series just as they experienced them,” said John Murdy, Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood. “The goal is to make guests of Halloween Horror Nights feel like they are trapped in the world of ‘The Walking Dead,’ using all of the attention to detail and movie-quality production values that Halloween Horror Nights has become famous for. You’re no longer sitting on a couch, watching a show…you’re living it!”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colonial Theatre Spooktacular VII at the Colonial Theatre, Keene, NH - August 11th

Mark from Saturday Fright Special shot me an email last night with all the cool info on the first of this year's two Spooktaular film events. Dig it!!!!

Join Scarewolf and the SATURDAY FRIGHT SPECIAL gang for a three-ring cinematic circus with a 35mm screening of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE at the Colonial Spooktacular, Saturday August 11th at the Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH.

Vintage monster movie previews, a classic cartoon, prize giveaways up the kazoo, a Krazy Klown Costume Kontest…..all for only $10!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blobfest 13

As always, we had a great time yesterday at Blobfest!The rain held off and a Blob-tastic time was had by all! Here's a few pics I snapped yesterday of all the fun, including the street fair, classic car show, music by The Buzzards, the costume contest and more!

This graphic is this year's tshirt - really cool!

As I've said, if you're in the area, or can do a day trip, be sure to check out all the fun next year!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Classic Halloween commercials

"Creepy" anthology film coming

Pretty cool news. I'm a big fan of Creepy & Eerie, both the classic and new comics. Dig it!

Chris Columbus and his 1492 production company are plotting a four-part horror anthology film based on Creepy magazine. Columbus will write and direct one of the four stories and oversee the project with 1492’s Michael Barnathan. Besides Columbus, three other directors are expected to take part in the project.

Mars Attacks Heritage Card Set

From the press release: Since its initial release in 1962, MARS ATTACKS has made an indelible impression on pop culture, inspiring legions of fans around the world. Now, Topps is proud to announce MARS ATTACKS' triumphant return to its trading card roots. Coinciding this summer with the landmark half-century milestone the company is pulling out all the stops for collectors to re-connect with the cult classic while ushering in a whole new generation of fans. The commemorative trading card set, currently in development for release in July, is a cornerstone of the 50th anniversary campaign. In addition to reprinting the 55 iconic cards which comprised the original series, Topps is adding 25 never-before-seen subjects. Ten cards, painted by Jason Edmiston, are based on storyboarded sketches from original series pencillers Wally Wood and Bob Powell that did not originally appear in the 1962 card set. Edmiston’s finished works pay homage to the pulp sci-fi style of Norm Saunders, the master painter who first gave MARS ATTACKS its signature look. Fifteen all-new cards are provided by Eisner award-winning comic book artist John McCrea, the acclaimed illustrator of IDW’s forthcoming MARS ATTACKS comic book series. McCrea is known to comics fans as the co-creator of Hitman (in collaboration with writer Garth Ennis), among numerous other high-profile assignments. His new, powerful imagery for the card set will provide fans with added insights to the comics as well as to the all-new MARS ATTACKS universe. A variety of extra inserts are also designed to add collectibility and fun: limited edition multi-colored parallels and 3D lenticulars will be randomly included in packs. And, for the very first time, Topps will be including MARS ATTACKS sketch cards in boxes. Many talented artists are on board to provide their one-of-a-kind hand-rendered sketch art. The original MARS ATTACKS series enjoys the distinction of being the most sought after and valuable non-sport trading card set of all time. Its legacy status has earned the new series Topps’ full “Heritage style” treatment. In order to preserve the product’s retro sensibility, all cards will be printed on thick, old fashioned card stock. Similarly, the design treatments for the display box and wrapper mimic the now-classic 1962 packaging.

The Cast of Eerie Publications perform the Johnson-Smith Novelty Company "Horror Record"

Great find by fellow fiend Victor Ives!

Blobfest 2012 - The Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA 7/13 to 15

Reminder for anyone in the area, or anyone looking for a fun roadtrip! Blobfest 2012 starts today at The Colonial Theatre. We're headed there tomorrow for the street fair which is always a great time. All the details in the link.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Art of Frankenweenie at CCI

Frankenweenie producers Don Hahn and Allison Abbate stood in the center of Disney’s “The Art of Frankenweenie” exhibit Wednesday at Comic-Con International as journalists and Preview Night attendees walked around, peering at puppets and set pieces from director Tim Burton’s upcoming film. All the details and pics in the link.

The Midnite Spook Frolic Jukebox: Calabrese "The Dead Don't Rise"

Mortuary for sale

Definitely has new haunt potential!

A grade II listed former mortuary in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Cleveland, which an ailing council has put up for sale, could fetch around £25,000.

The unique building comes complete with the original autopsy slab and is being put up for sale by Redcar and Cleveland council, which hopes to raise millions of pounds by selling off land and buildings that are no longer needed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'Frankenstein' Mummies Are a Mix of Corpses

Mummies found off the coast of Scotland are Frankenstein-like composites of several corpses, researchers say.

This mixing of remains was perhaps designed to combine different ancestries into a single lineage, archaeologists speculated.

Story in the link.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hauntcast 40: "Thank God It's Friday (the 13th) Now Playing!!

What up, boils & ghouls!

This month's Hauntcast is bigger and better than ever, mostly due to the debut of my super spooktacular new segment "Inside the Haunt Actor's Studio"! Plus, there's all that other stuff that fills up the show. Ya know, stuff like...........  

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Chris Ainsworth of Thornhill Woods Haunted House. 

GHOULIE GROOVES: Mike Fox of Verse 13. 

THE BLACK MARKET: Craig Hines of Dark Imaginings. 

MARKETING MORGUE: Dick Terhune presents the Evil Book of Faces. 

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenent on tapping into the fears of the subconscious mind. 

INSIDE THE SCARE ACTOR’S STUDIO: Johnny Thunder, haunt actor. Method be damned! 

SHRUNKEN HEADLINES: Grimlock with haunting news and fresh links. 

SOMETHING WICKED: Wick-Ed Gannon with some haunt advertising strategies. 

THE CHARMED POT: The Mistress of Mayhem remembers author, Ray Bradbury. 

TERROR TURNPIKE: Eric Vysther says Dead Acres is the place to be in Columbus, OH. 

 MAD PROPS FOR PROPS: We’re stiff for Mr. Chicken’s Haunted Tombstone prop. 

PLUS!… This month we’re giving away a Silicone Mask, worth $550, from Altered Flesh FX. Congratulations to this month’s winner: Alison Kane!

Be there or be square!!! Go to our site now & sub today!!

Jamie Lee Curtis to appear at HorrorHound Weekend

Courtesy of Dread Central:

The rumors are true. Jamie Lee Curtis has agreed to attend her first-ever horror convention... And it will also be her last!

Jamie Lee Curtis has signed on as the guest of honor at this November's HorrorHound Weekend event. The event will take place over the weekend of November 16-18, 2012, at the Indianapolis Marriott East, 7202 East 21st Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46219.

Ms. Curtis will be appearing at the event on both Saturday (November 17) and Sunday (November 18) for autograph sessions, photo-ops, and an on-stage Q/A panel which is sure to be epic. This is a landmark opportunity for fans, as Jamie has never attended an event like this nor provided horror fans with the opportunity to have their memorabilia signed in such a capacity. And it's all for charity, via the Starlight Children's Foundation. ALL monies earned from Jamie's autograph sessions, photo-ops, and stage event will go directly to the Starlight Children's Foundation. In fact, part of the proceeds from HorrorHound Weekend's ticket sales will also be donated to this amazing charity as we will also be taking donations at the event for anyone wishing to help this cause further. More details about the charity and other ways you can help will be listed on this event's website when it is launched next month.

In conjunction with Jamie Lee Curtis' jump into the world of horror conventions, Jamie wanted to make sure that it was expressed that this will be a one-time only appearance. Once this event is over, she will be retiring from the horror convention scene, making this appearance all the more important for all those fans who have been patiently waiting for this moment and opportunity to meet one of the most iconic actors in horror history. This is IT!

The Midnite Spook Frolic Jukebox: The Bloody Jug Band "Moon Bathing"

The Incredible Shrinking Man Universal's 100th Anniversary

This sci-fi classic is getting a special release on September 9th. You can preorder now at Amazon.

Universal Classic Monsters Restoration of Dracula

Vampire Attack in Corpus Christi?

And now, the start of a rash of vampire attacks..........

Police say a 16 year old boy was walking down Shoreline Boulevard near Corpus Christi Bay Wednesday night, when he accidentally bumped into a man, who turned around and bit him in the neck.

All the details in the link.

The Walking Dead - Season 3 promo poster

Thanks to STYD for the image.