Monday, January 9, 2012

Pennhurst update

Here's an update - and great news - for Pennhurst:

WEST CHESTER — A judge has sided with the East Vincent Zoning Hearing Board in deciding that a haunted attraction at the former Pennhurst Hospital did not violate the township's zoning code.

Common Pleas Judge Robert Shenkin last month upheld the board's ruling permitting the owners of the school grounds to use buildings there as a haunted house.

Neighbors of the property, including a member of the township's Historical Review Board, had argued the Pennhurst Asylum attraction did not meet the permitted use as a "recreational facility."

Shenkin, in a five-page decision filed Dec. 30, said that since the township's zoning code for a Low Density Residential District, in which Pennhurst is located, did not specifically define what constitutes a recreational use, the zoners were correct to use a standard dictionary definition of the term. That defines recreation as

"a means of getting diversion or entertainment."

Based on that, Shenkin wrote, he could not find that the zoning board either committed an error or abused its discretion in determining the zoning code permitted a "haunted house" in the low-density district.

Check out the full story in the link.

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  1. Glad Pennhurst can stay open! Hooray for a judge with brains!