Thursday, January 19, 2012

The 2012 Salt City Horror Fest - April 14, 2012 - The Palace Theater, Syracuse, NY

Caught this cool news over on The Classic Horror Film Board, and wanted to share with all you cats. Wish I was closer, I would definitely support this event!

THE 2012 SALT CITY HORROR FEST: A 35mm Film Fest and tribute to classic and new horror films.

This event has been months in the planning and we are all very proud to announce this years horror fest line-up. All films screened from 35mm film prints.

1-Bride of Frankenstein - noon
2-Creature from the Black Lagoon in Anaglyph (old school) 3D! - 1:15 pm
4-Troll Hunter
*dinner break*
5-Popcorn - (awesome throw back horror flick from 1991)
6-Army of Darkness
7-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
8-Last House on Dead End Street

(obviously show times and films are subject to change, so the exact line-up will be posted closer to show date)

The Palace Theater will be opening its doors for the event around 11am with start time at noon sharp (ish). Along with all the usually festivities like the delicious wine, beer and food we always serve, we will be having vendors set up in the lobby. Or friend from Horror Movie Empire who you may be familiar with from past events will be on hand selling his vast film, DVD and memorabilia catalog. As well as a few others. And of course, all films are being shown on 35mm prints

Venue address:
The Palace Theater
2384 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13206

For more info:

The Vegan Zombie, Colleen McCarthy, ZRS - Zombie Research Society. EVIL TREATS.
If you are a vendor and want to get in we have about 7 more tables avail for this years horror fest.

Our great friends over at Resurrected Tattoo have been kind enough to sponsor this years event and will be carrying the advance sale tickets, same price $15, So please feel free to contact the guys over at Resurrected Tattoo. They are located at 125 West Fayette st. right in downtown Syracuse to pick up your ticket. Instore cash only.


Make the payment to In the subject line put "Salt City Horrorfest". In the message put as follows.
1 - Quantity of tickets
2 - Full name as it appears on your drivers license
3 - phone number
4 - wether you would like a pair of 3-D glasses

Print the payment page as a reciept, and we will email you when we recieve your information to ensure you that your tickets are ready.

I would advise to purchase an advance sale ticket because there is a Very limited number of anaglyph (Old School) red/ blue filter 3D glasses available

As soon as we have the exact details for running schedule we will be posting it anywhere and everywhere...until then share with your friends and get excited. This is going to be one of the best Salt City Horrors Fests yet!

You can also check out the Palace Theater link here.

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