Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scary Christmas!


A very merry scary Christmas to all cool ghouls!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Very Chewbacca Christmas

Heart warming. Brings a tear to my eye.

Christmas Evil & New Year's Evil tonight on TCM!

What up, boils & ghouls. Just a friendly ho-ho-holiday head's up that TCM is presenting a couple of flicks to get us in the mood for the horrordays, er I mean holidays.

Tonight (or is that tomorrow?) at 2:00 a.m. EST is Christmas Evil a/k/a You Better Watch Out from 1980. This is actually my favorite holiday-themed horror flick. Quite disturbing and unusual. If you haven't seen this gem, do yourself a solid and check it out.

Then, at 3:45 a.m. EST is New Year's Evil (1981). This so-so slasher flick is quite dated and every time I've seen it, I'm hoping the annoyingly horrible "hot" lead gets her head cut off just to shut her up. In any event, still not the worst thing you'll sit through.

Stay scary!

The Human Centipede Menorah

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Check out this cool story. I'd like to tour the joint. Thanks to my wife for the link!

The main Gothic Revival building is one of the world's largest hand-cut sandstone structures and a National Historic Landmark. Virginia legislators authorized its construction in 1858, but it wasn't until 1864 that the first patients were admitted.

The hospital repeatedly changed hands during the Civil War, ending up with West Virginia when it became a separate state. Originally intended for 250 patients, it housed nearly 10 times that many during the 1950s.

Known in later years as Weston Hospital, it eventually closed in 1994, when the state moved patients to a more modern facility. Then it stood empty for nearly 15 years, inhabited only by rats, security guards and the occasional paintball-playing trespasser.

In 2008, Jordan's father Joe, a Morgantown asbestos abatement and demolition contractor, bought it at auction for $1.5 million. He's since sunk at least another $1 million into the place, hiring crew after crew to repair the showpiece clock tower, the disintegrating floors and the forever-leaking roofs.

Running the asylum is a family affair.

Rebecca handles marketing and sales. Her historian husband applies for grants. Her brother handles advertising and maintains the website. Her 13-year-old daughter, Breonna Childress, is a full-time volunteer who hosts overnight birthday-party ghost hunts with her friends and talks about the day she'll inherit the business.

Mainly by capitalizing on public interest in the paranormal, the Jordans have lured more than 115,000 visitors to the property since they bought it.

Chris Richards, director of the Lewis County Convention and Visitors Bureau, calls the following "phenomenal," noting that people are traveling from all over the world to visit Weston.

Shadowland Magazine

Check out this cool new quarterly magazine I just found. Yeah, I'm a little late to the party, but you know what they say.......Really kick ass covers! Each issue is $6.95, and a 4 ish sub is $25.00. Here's the contents for the first and second issues:

Issue 1
The Phantom Unmasked!
An exhaustive retrospective on the history of
The Phantom of the Opera in film, television, and literature.
Godzilla In Comics: The Marvel Years

Toho's King of the Monsters in the Mighty Marvel Manner! A fond remembrance of Godzilla's 1970s comic battles with S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four, Devil Dinosaur, the Champions, and The Avengers.

The Lost Spielberg Film
In 1982 Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial smashed box office records, but it wasn't the film the renowned director set out to direct. We examine the origins of Spielberg's child-friendly film, which was originally intended as a horrific sci-fi/thriller entitled: Night Skies.

RoboCop: The Series
A look at the short-lived RoboCop TV series from 1994.

The First Avenger on Film!
Captain America may be Marvel's latest summer blockbuster,
but what of his other on-screen adventures? A glimpse back at
the Star-Spangled Avenger's 1940's cliffhanger serial, his animated show, two made-for-tv movies, and his '90s flick Marvel tried to hide.

Exclusive Interviews
We revisit the 1979 made-for-television Captain America film
with director Rod Holcomb and speak with storyboard artist, writer, producer, and director, Will Meugniot, about Marvel's
attempt at a '90s Captain America animated series.

Interview with Dwayne Pinkney
We talk with artist Dwayne Pinkney about his jaw-dropping artwork.

Issue 2:
Out of Control: The Guyver
A retrospective on Japan's Bio-Boosted hero, The Guyver, and his journey from manga, to anime, to live-action. We also stack up the Guyver's powers and abilities and speak with screenwriter/author Nathan Long about his screenplay for The Guyver 2: Dark Hero.

Dark Heroes
The Guyver manga is known for its graphic violence in Japan; here we explore several iconic American comics that pushed the boundaries in the '80s & '90s.

William Castle on TV: Ghost Story
William Castle, the Master of the Macabre, has directed his share of memorable horror films - but what of his television venture, Ghost Story? We uncover the details of Castle's small-screen outing.

Legacy of Evil - The Amityville Horror
A critical review of The Amityville Horror franchise.

Tombs of the Blind Dead
The terrifying Templars rise once again in this retrospective on the legendary series of horror films from Spain.

Bob Mitchum meets Bigfoot
When it comes to cinematic appearances, even Robert Mitchum would agree that Bigfoot has more than a foot above the rest!

Two-Headed Beast
An examination of the 'True Horror' and 'Slasher' genres.

Beyond Fantastique!
Reviews of Cyber Ninja, The House of the Devil, Eyes of the Mothman, A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's Godzilla Series, and Romancing the Vampire.

Go check it out on the official site.

Who wants cake?

While most teenagers spend their spare time hanging out with friends and playing sports, three former Avon Grove high school students will spend their time picking up dog droppings and scrubbing toilets, urinals and bed pans at local senior centers and nursing homes.

A judge sentenced the three girls to the dirty labor after the trio pleaded guilty Monday to frosting a birthday cake for a classmate with human feces, according to the Daily Local News of West Chester. A fourth teen, a juvenile, also confessed to having a hand in making the cake, although she has not yet been sentenced.

MMMMMM cake..............Maybe wash it down with some pee?

Teddy: It's Gonna Be A Bear

Hey, boils & ghouls - head over to Dread Central and check out this banned student film from Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield who are filmmakers at Arizona State University.

Apparently one of the professors commented that their film was "troubling and traumatizing", and their response was "Thanks, it's a horror movie."

Bad-ass!!! Go check it out here - thanks DC!

The Midnite Spook Frolic Jukebox: The Wretched Ones "Christmas Song"

Warms the heart, eh?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads by Kirk Demarais

This is going on my list for Santa! Just hoping Krampus doesn't pay me a visit instead.......

From the official description:

Rediscover your sense of wonder!

Generations of comic book readers remember the tantalizing promises of vintage novelty advertisements that offered authentic laser-gun plans, x-ray specs, and even 7-foot-tall monsters (with glow-in-the-dark eyes!). But what would you really get if you entrusted your hard-earned $1.69 to the post office?

Mail-Order Mysteries answers this question, revealing the amazing truths (and agonizing exaggerations) about the actual products marketed to kids in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Pop-culture historian Kirk Demarais shares his astonishing collection, including:

100 Toy Soldiers in a Footlocker
Count Dante’s World’s Deadliest Fighting Secrets
Hercules Wrist Band
Life-Size Monsters
Mystic Smoke
Sea Monkeys
Soil From Dracula’s Castle
U-Control Ghost
Ventrilo Voice Thrower
...and many, many more!

With more than 150 extraordinary, peculiar, and downright fraudulent collectibles, Mail-Order Mysteries is a must-have book comic book fans everywhere. Trust us.

Go order yours too over here.

The Innkeepers

Looking forward to Ti West’s newest fright flick, The Innkeepers, coming to VOD on December 30th, and theatrical run on February 3rd.

I loved his earlier film The House of the Devil and this supernatural flick looks equally as great. Here's the plot summary:

After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors for good. The last remaining employees -Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) - are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England's most haunted hotels. As the Inn’s final days draw near, odd guests check in as the pair of minimum wage “ghost hunters” begin to experience strange and alarming events that may ultimately cause them to be mere footnotes in the hotel’s long unexplained history.

Ooooh, scary kids. Be sure to check out the trailer and the official film site.

Ho ho ho

The Whisperer in Darkness

Finally, it's here!!! Dig it, boils & ghouls -

Written in 1931, H.P. Lovecraft's iconic genre-bending tale of suspense and alien terrors is brought to life in the style of the classic horror films of the 1930s like Frankenstein, Dracula and King Kong. Using its Mythoscope™ process — a mix of vintage and modern techniques — the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society expands on Lovecraft's original tale while still bringing you unparalleled authenticity.

Horror and science fiction collide in the adventure of Albert Wilmarth, a folklore professor at Miskatonic University, as he investigates legends of strange creatures rumored to dwell in the most remote mountains of Vermont. Wilmarth’s investigation leads him to a discovery of horrors quite beyond anything he ever imagined, and ends in a desperate attempt to escape the remote New England hills with his life and sanity intact.

The studio that brought you The Call of Cthulhu now presents one of Lovecraft's weirdest tales as a feature-length talkie starring Matt Foyer as the intrepid folklorist, Albert Wilmarth. Celebrated television and stage star Barry Lynch plays Henry Akeley, supported by an ensemble of outstanding actors. Shot on location in New England and in Hollywood, The Whisperer in Darkness brings Lovecraft's intense imagination to vivid life in the style of the 1930s.

This Deluxe Two Disc DVD set includes
• The Whisperer in Darkness (103 minutes, black and white) with 5.1 surround sound
subtitles in twenty three languages
• a replica prop newspaper clipping about the Vermont flooding

Disc Two features:
• a delightful and revealing 47 minute Behind the Scenes documentary seven documentary featurettes showcasing special effects and filmmaking techniques
• numerous deleted and/or extended scenes
• strange bonus features we cannot even describe
• all Whisperer in Darkness trailers
• this disc features over two and a half hours of additional Lovecraftian fun

Check out all the details at the official link!