Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hauntcast R.I.P. - "Laid To Rest"

What up, boils & ghouls! Johnny Thunder here letting ya know that the new episode of Hauntcast "Laid to Rest" is up featuring a great interview with Vic Bariteau a/k/a Halloween Zombie of Ghoulie Manor, along with kickass band, The Koffin Kats.

That's right - the new show will also, unfortunately, be our last.

Thank you to Chris & my Scream Team family, all you fans, avid listeners, sponsors, and - most importantly - those of you who supported the show by buying a tshirt, hoodie, sub, or bought from our sponsors. Again, thank you! What a great three year run we had!

Also, for all of you who enjoyed my segment and got what I was trying to do - thanks, much appreciated. If you didn’t – well, ya can’t please everybody and I'm glad I could piss you off for three years by being on the show.

As for me, I am taking some time to regroup and figure out what- if anything- is next.

Stay scary!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Cemetery collector" with 29 bodies arrested

Horror flick come to life..........

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian police have arrested a man described by local media as the "cemetery collector" for digging up 29 corpses and dressing the remains in female clothing to display around his flat. Grainy police video images of the man's cramped flat showed what look like several life-sized female dolls without faces, some with platinum blond wigs.

Story in the link.

Friday, November 4, 2011

WTF family pet pics

Enjoy these WTF family pet photos.

Jesus roller skating Christ..............

Face seen in ultrasound

Uhm, eeewwwww?

Doctors in Canada were scanning through ultrasound images of a 45-year-old man with a painful mass in his testicles when they did a doubletake. There was a man's face staring up at them, the mouth grimacing as if he were in agony.

GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot R.I.P.


The lead guitarist for the heavy metal band GWAR has been found dead on their tour bus. Manager Jack Flanagan and record label Metal Blade say Cory Smoot was found early Thursday before crossing into Canada following a show in Minneapolis. It's unclear what caused Smoot's death or how old he was.

Hauntcast FYI

What up, boils & ghouls!

Although the new Hauntcast has been dropping on the first Friday of the month, the new show will be delayed due to Halloween. Chris is shooting to get it out next Friday, 11/11.

Stay scary!

Jack the Ripper's knife found?

It was found among possessions belonging to Welsh surgeon Sir John Williams, a chief suspect in the Victorian murders.

Sir John, known to his family at the time of the killings as "Uncle Jack" was the surgeon to Queen Victoria who lived in London at the time of the slayings.

He fled the capital after the murders and later founded the National Library for Wales in Aberystwyth.

One of his distant relatives has now unearthed the old black-handled surgeon's knife, which he used for operations, and believes it could be the murder weapon.

Tony Williams, 49, Sir John's great-great-great-great nephew, has now published a book, which features the startling image of the knife, to expose his relative's guilt.

Story in the link.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hatchet III preview art

Dig it.

"Bones" stolen from pub

OK, fess up -

'Bones', the six-foot unofficial mascot of The Dog & Duck and Underground venue on Mutley Plain, was stolen at about 6am on Halloween.

Story in the link.

Paranormal Porn

Good news - you can still get laid when you're dead.

Check out the link.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monsterpalooza Magazine #1

Check out this cool new mag! Go to the link for all the info & to order yours today!

Check out the contents of the premier ish:

The VINCENTENNIAL: A Report from St. Louis!
The John Chambers Interview!
Who Put The ‘Monster’ In Monsterpalooza? We answer : Chaney and Pierce, of course!
KNB:EFX FrightNight! ! Jimmy Sangster Remembered
ONLY $9.95! (plus Shipping and Handling)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stoker's Dracula journal found

The private journal of author Bram Stoker, in which he sketched his first thoughts about his legendary creation 'Dracula', has been unearthed after more than 100 years.

Full story in the link.

Zombie Doctor & other Halloween mugshots

Check 'em out......

JUG-ly Art & Antics (*Art/Music/Charity) Event @ Peacock Room November 4th

Friday, November 4th @ the Peacock Room
1321 N. Mills Ave. / Orlando, FL 32803
*VIP ART Reception from 7-9pm
Doors @ 9:00pm / $5.00 COVER

What up, boils & ghouls - here's a cool event coming up this weekend. The Bloody Jug Band is a kick-ass bunch we featured on Hauntcast a few months back. I really dig this band and recommend you check them out if you haven't done so yet. And if you haven't, what the hell is wrong with you? If you're in the Orlando area, you should definitely support this cool event. From the band email:

Hey ALL,

This weekend we combine our loves of Music, Art and Helping our Community...and roll it all into one amazing event. Join us for 'JUG-ly Art & Antics', an Americana Art Exhibit and Jamboree at the Peacock Room this Friday Night (11/4/11). ALL Proceeds of the Sale of Art, Raffles, and the Door Charge will go to benefit A Gift For Music, and to fund children's pottery scholarships at Crealde School or Art.

Art will be on display (for sale) from Jug Potters from all over the country, as well as amazing wood carvings from DeLand Tiki and Cigar Box Guitars from Cigar City CBG's. The VIP Art Reception will take place from 7-9pm with music from GT Springer, and DJ White Lightning from WPRK.

Then once the doors 'officially' open at 9:00pm, we'll have live music from Lone Wolf (One Man Band), the Getbye, and the Bloody Jug Band...not to mention performances by the Kitschy Kittens Burlesque Troop. Raffles, souvenirs and more...and all going to help under-served children have more access to art and music. The art exhibit will be up the entire month of November for viewing, but there is only one night of JUG-ly don't miss out.

"The Exorcist" getting a rewrite

In The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty told the spine-chilling story of a little girl named Regan MacNeil, the daughter of a Hollywood star shooting a film in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Funny things start happening in the MacNeils' rented house: They hear noises in the wall, and Regan starts speaking in a growl, levitating, turning her head 360 degrees and spitting up green slime. Then, Regan's bedroom gets as chilly as a frozen foods case and her bed starts flying around.

Readers were drawn to the novel's profane subject matter, making it a best-seller. When the book's film adaptation came out two years later, fans waited in lines that stretched around city blocks to catch the first screenings; some even tried using battering rams to force their way into theaters.

Forty years later, Blatty has revised and polished his landmark novel, even adding a whole new character. The result is a 40th-anniversary edition that's just as terrifying as the original.

Full story in the link.

Zombies worth over $5 billion to economy

Think way beyond zombie movie ticket sales. Think about DVD sales, video games, comic books, novels, Halloween costumes, zombie walks, merchandise, conventions and even zombie art. And more.

Check out the link.