Thursday, September 8, 2011


This is a kick-ass site full of really cool & amazing pictures of abandoned buildings, factories, houses and more all over the country.

There are so many really cool pics that are creepy and fascinating. Growing up in the northeastern coal region section of PA, I grew up around a lot these types of places and they still hold a fascination for me. Among the pictures are locations from where I grew up including Centralia, the tunnel in Thorpe, the abandoned factory, Carbon County prison, and more. There's a creep factor, but also a sadness in a lot of these places.

Check ‘em all out, and if you have any cool pics, be sure to contribute to the project. Thanks to my wife for the head's up.

Go here for the link.


  1. These would make great locations for shooting everything from ads to short films to full length features. Great atmosphere.

  2. I LOVE photos of decay!

    Illicit Ohio was a really great collection of abandoned places, including Mike Tyson's former mansion, but they have since changed their format and don't have all of their archive up yet. Drat!

    Web Urbanist did the same thing...