Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?

I took a trip out to hang with my bud Scabbie for the weekend. We decided to take a trek through the woods and came across this effigy. We weren't sure if it was a warning or a memorial of some kind.

Apparently there were several missing persons found in the creek in the late '40s. To this day the crimes remain unsolved. We hiked out a bit more and came across an old house long rumored to be part of some cult activity in the area back in the '70s.

When we wound our way back through the path, the effigy had a friend. An old broken clown that was now watching us.

We headed back to his garage for the night. I was curious about what we had seen so the next morning we took the same path out into the woods. Now, there were additional things at the spot.

These were all the pictures I was able to snap before we heard someone - or something- approaching us. Whispers seemed to come from the brush itself, and nature felt suffocatingly evil. Later that night we heard chanting coming from the forrest and saw faint flickering lights. Upon our return the next morning, everything was gone, as if it had never been.....


  1. Are these props for an upcoming haunt?

  2. Eek! I'd freak out if I saw that rotting skeleton in the woods. Especially, if I saw it at night!

  3. Weird! Is this a true story?