Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dollar bin goodies at Target

My daughter's favorite section of Target is the Dollar Bin when you first walk in the door. OK who am I kidding my favorite section of Target is also the Dollar Bin when you first walk in the door.

We grabbed a bunch of fun cheapo stuff to play with including these two goodies. The first is an alien shaped head full of goop. My wife and I agreed it looks like that thing we had as a kid in the 70s called Slime. Needless to say, given our daughter's proclivity to throw things in her hair, my face, furniture and/or walls, we haven't opened the container. You have your choice of exciting alien colors including blue, pink & green. The second treasure is your favorite and mine - yes, it's rat on a string. It doesn't do anything but hey - it's a rat on a string!

I'm definitely going back to scoop up a few more to round out the candy bucket for this year's Trick or Treating. Check 'em out!


  1. You can never start learnin' 'em too early. I'd love to visit a Target store one day. I know several people on that side of the Pond who get some great things from them.

  2. Ooooo! Slime!!!!! I gotta head to Target on my lunch break!!! Loved that stuff as a kid!