Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Darabont off The Walking Dead

Surprising in the sense that there was no mention made at Comic-Con. Read on:

Frank Darabont, creator and executive producer of of AMC's hit zombie series, The Walking Dead, is stepping down as show runner, Deadline reports. The bombshell dropped just days after Darabont joined the TWD panel at Comic-Con and afterward enthusiastically shared details with reporters about the show's filming and future. He gave no hint that he would not be part of that future, nor is it known exactly why he is stepping down.

So what does this hold for Season Two? Anyone concerned?

Thanks to my sister for the link.

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  1. I think season 2 is already banged out but season 3 could be an issue. If this thing starts to fall apart I, for one, will be very upset. ;)

    For a TV show this thing is well written and well executed. The makeup and special fx are excellent (well, the CDC explosion was a little if-y). I hope whoever takes over doesn't screw it up.