Friday, July 29, 2011

Taped the latest & greatest Fright Flicks last night....

Yup, it's true, boils and ghouls. Baker & I taped last night and both of us are groggy this morning........Go figure.

Look for the new ep of Hauntcast next Friday, August 5th!! Stay scary!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

AMC's press release regarding The Walking Dead

So here’s AMC’s official statement regarding Darabont’s departure from The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara, writer and executive producer, is expanding his responsibilities to assume the role of showrunner. AMC is grateful to executive producer, writer and pilot director Frank Darabont whose contributions to the success of The Walking Dead are innumerable. We continue to discuss his ongoing role with the series.

Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead graphic novels, executive producer and writer on the series, will remain in this role and will continue to steward the brand. Gale Anne Hurd will remain in her role as Executive Producer. The production continues on schedule for an October 16th premiere.

Skeleton found in chimney

What a way to go.

On the bright side, what a cool prop.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Theatre of the Devil with Danielle Harris & Bill Moseley

Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley are signed to star in Theatre of the Devil from Mikrotone Entertainment. The film is still working on getting financing. For all the details go here.

DIY surgery

Nude in a lounge chair, with a butter knife, and finish it off with a lit smoke jammed into your gut.


My buddy Mark & I are thinking of going halfsies on this cool ride

Good times.

Darabont off The Walking Dead

Surprising in the sense that there was no mention made at Comic-Con. Read on:

Frank Darabont, creator and executive producer of of AMC's hit zombie series, The Walking Dead, is stepping down as show runner, Deadline reports. The bombshell dropped just days after Darabont joined the TWD panel at Comic-Con and afterward enthusiastically shared details with reporters about the show's filming and future. He gave no hint that he would not be part of that future, nor is it known exactly why he is stepping down.

So what does this hold for Season Two? Anyone concerned?

Thanks to my sister for the link.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eastern State Penitentiary to hold discussion

Interesting local story about the EST and Terror Behind the Walls - the debate is similar to the one surrounding Pennhurst.

Eastern State Penitentiary will host a discussion about the ethics of operating the historic prison in Philadelphia. By far the most popular event at the penitentiary is its annual Halloween haunt, "Terror Behind The Walls." But there are some concerns about using historic sites as scary sites.

The penitentiary isn't the only place that exploits its past to make a few bucks. Last year a controversy erupted over the use of the old Pennhurst mental asylum as a place haunted by ghouls in straitjackets.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Walkind Dead panel at Comic-Con

News from the Comic-Con panel which included Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont.

Among the tidbits was the announcement that Season Two will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday, October 16. Sweet!

Check out the great summary of the discussion here at CBR.

Corpse wakes up in the morgue


Frankenstein Alive Alive from Niles and Wrightson

Check out this cool press release courtesy of CBR:

Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, IDW Publishing announced an all-new horror series with acclaimed creators Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson. FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE will launch in 2012, picking up right where Mary Shelley’s classic tale ends.

“This is an idea that's been rattling around somewhere in the back of my mind for a good many years,” said Wrightson. “I mentioned it to Steve and we started talking. In about two minutes I realized that not only were we on the same page, we shared a vision. I'm very excited to see this finally happening. It's going to be lot of fun.”
A lifelong Frankenstein fan, Wrightson’s work on this monster has garnered universal praise for over 25 years. Now, Wrightson and Niles are collaborating on the next chapter in the life of Frankenstein’s monster. FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE turns this classic tale around, by telling the story from Frankenstein’s perspective in this 13-issue series.

“The fact that I grew up worshipping Wrightson's Frankenstein and now I'm working on a sequel with him is mind-blowing,” said Niles. “This is the project of a lifetime for me.”

FRANKENSTEIN ALIVE, ALIVE ($3.99, full color, 32 pages) will be available in stores in 2012.

Gary B's: This Week in Horror History (July 25-31)

Hello everyone, sorry for the absence the last few weeks. For all of you junkies, here is this weeks installment of...this week in horror history.

July 25:
1965 - Illeana Douglas (actress in Cape Fear, Stir of Echos) was born
1973 - Michael C. Williams (actor in The Blair Witch Project) was born

July 26:
1976 - Night of the Seagulls - released theatrically

July 27:
1979 - The Amityville Horror - released theatrically

July 28:
1989 - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - released theatrically
1999 - Deep Blue Sea -released theatrically

July 29:
1987 - Zombi 3 - released theatrically
2000 - Cherry Falls - released theatrically

July 30:
1999 - The Blair Witch Project - released theatrically

July 31:
1914 - Mario Bava (horror director) was born (d. 1980)
1942 - Invisible Agent - released theatrically
1951 - Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man - released theatrically
1987 - The Lost Boys - released theatrically
1992 - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (film version) - released theatrically

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zombie shooting target

Fun for all your zombie target shooting needs!

"Chris" is a life-sized Zombie that is a three-dimensional tactical mannequin that bleeds when you shoot him. Hand painted to accurately resemble an infected human, it is filled with biodegradable matter that when shot causes the target to bleed and burst into little pieces of blood soaked Zombie matter.

Target measures 19.5" diameter, 6" body depth, 33.5" tall, weighs 7 pounds, and includes a mounting stake; these are single use targets and can not be refilled with biodegradable matter. Made in the U.S.A.!

Thanks to my bud Skullboy for the link.

Stake Land (2010)

"The most dangerous thing is to be alive"
Rated R for strong bloody horror violence, language and brief nudity.
Official site
IMDB site

In this decidedly dark and somber tale, the United States and most of the world has been destroyed and ravaged by a vampire epidemic. Government and society have collapsed. In this post apocalyptic anarchic world, a group of survivors must fight not only the undead hoards who would feed on their blood, but also religious cults and militia organizations who are often more dangerous than the monsters themselves.

Narrated by and told from the point of view of teenager Martin (Connor Paolo), who was rescued by and then joins the mysterious vampire killer Mister (Rick Damici) on his travels as they make their way north to get to Canada, which is North America’s so-called “New Eden.”

Along the way they befriend other survivors including pregnant teen Belle (genre favorite Danielle Harris) and rescue a nun (Kelly McGillis) who was about to be murdered by cannibals. They constantly fight to survive and try to hold on to the one thing that keeps them all going - hope. The hope of a better tomorrow and a new start.

The film is a blend of other genre films including The Road, Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later and The Last Man on Earth – but make no mistake about my Zombieland reference - there is absolutely no humor or fun to be found in this movie.

The characters inhabit a brutal, bleak, suffocating horror filled world where unfortunately little hope exists. The look of the film is washed out and depressing and reinforces the viewer’s perception that this truly is the end of civilization as we knew it. The creepy musical score serves the story well and enhances the bleak tone of the film. The vampires themselves are vile disgusting creatures and are a disturbing blend of blood sucker and living dead zombies. They are violent and frightening ferocious, almost feral beasts.

This is a well written, deftly directed film with compelling performances that returns the vampire to its rightful position in cinema - a brutal frightening creature of the night, with nary a sparkle to be found.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wrong Turn 4:Bloody Beginnings (2011)

I'm a big fan of the hillbilly cannibal shenanigans in these flicks. The fourth flick will be a straight to DVD release on October 18th.

Here's the splattertastic official summary:

At an isolated hospital deep in the West Virginia wilderness, three hideously deformed mutants go on a merciless killing spree. Now, decades later, this family of blood-thirsty cannibals is stalking new prey: a group of young skiers trapped by a blizzard. The abandoned medical wards soon become killing fields as the panicked victims come face to face with a chilling choice: fight back or die. With bonus footage too graphic for theaters, WRONG TURN 4 takes you to the most terrifying place of all...the beginning.

Also, go check out the official trailer here.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2012) press release

I had previously posted about this project and then gave up when news seemed to be coming almost every day. They've added some great actors and actresses to the mix (Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns & Bill Mosely to name just a few), so I'll just hope this is a decent entry in the series.

Here's the full press release courtesy of STYD:

Lionsgate and the filmmakers of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D, the next installment in the long standing franchise, are pleased to announce the cast of the film, which picks up the story where the original 1974 film left off and will deliver a new chapter in the Leatherface saga with the goal of making it as horrifying as the original -- in 3D.

The cast includes an all new actor in the iconic villain role of Leatherface, an exciting cast of principle actors, and featured cameos by several cast members of the original 1974 film, famously directed by Tobe Hooper.

About The Cast

GUNNAR HANSEN, the original Leatherface who has never acted in another Texas Chainsaw franchise film, is set to appear in a cameo, with MARILYN BURNS, the original film’s lead actress, playing the role of Verna Carson. Reprising his role as the Grandfather, JOHN DUGAN also makes his first series appearance since the original film.

Beloved character actor BILL MOSELEY, who played the role of Choptop in Tobe Hooper’s 1983 sequel, will play Drayton Sawyer in this film. Moseley will be standing in for Jim Siedow, who previously played the part before his passing in 2003. The two actors appeared together in the 1983 film and were quite comfortable together. Director Luessenhop explains how “Moseley is the perfect choice to capture some of the essence that Siedow had brought to the character.”

Playing Leatherface will be discovery DAN YEAGER. Director John Lussenhop knew he was perfect for the role immediately, after a chance meeting. He describes the 6’ 6” actor as having “huge farm boy arms, a brooding brow. He’s quiet, circumspect, and immediately struck a menacing chord with me. After five minutes, I could no longer think of anyone else for the role.”

ALEXANDRA DADDARIO (PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF, HALL PASS) has been cast in the lead female role of Heather Miller. The story centers around Heather, as she makes a trip to small-town Texas to collect her inheritance, unaware that her inheritance includes a live item – her cousin, the notorious serial killer Leatherface.

Rounding out the cast of friends visiting the inherited house are TANIA RAYMONDE (“Lost”) playing the role of Heather’s best friend Nikki, with acclaimed R&B singer TREY SONGZ making his film debut as Heather’s boyfriend Ryan and KERAM MALICKI-SANCHEZ (PUNISHER: WAR ZONE and JOHN Q) as Ryan’s friend. SHAUN SIPOS (“Melrose Place,” FINAL DESTINATION 2 and the upcoming HICK) plays Darryl in the film, a hitchhiker along for the ride who knows more than he lets on.

An all new cast of law enforcement and government professionals take on Leatherface in this chapter of the saga: THOM BARRY (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, “Cold Case,”) plays the role of Sheriff Hooper, with PAUL RAE (TRUE GRIT) in the role of town mayor Burt Hartman. SCOTT EASTWOOD (FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, INVICTUS, GRAN TORINO) will portray Deputy Carl Hartman, a young officer who is battling a powerful attraction to Heather while hunting Leatherface. Noted character actor RICHARD RIEHLE (OFFICE SPACE) will play Sawyers family attorney Farnsworth.

Thoughts, boils and ghouls?

The Walking Dead companion books

Here's come cool news for all you Dead fans out there. Thanks to CBR for the official press release:

ABRAMS, the preeminent publisher of high-quality art and illustrated books, announced today that the company has signed a deal with AMC, the cable television network, and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound, an imprint of Image Comics, to publish two books based on AMC’s original series The Walking Dead. The first book will be published to coincide with AMC’s launch of season two of “The Walking Dead,” premiering in the fall of 2011, and is the only authorized behind-the-scenes guide to season one. The book is titled The Walking Dead Chronicles and will be edited by Eric Klopfer at ABRAMS.

The deal was negotiated by ABRAMS’s Lindley Boegehold, editorial director of licenses and calendars, Dave Alpert from Skybound, and Marci Wiseman, AMC’s SVP of business affairs for AMC, and gives ABRAMS world publishing rights. The Walking Dead Chronicles focuses on the making of the first season of AMC’s original television series and the bestselling comic book on which the series is based. There are over 200 photos including never-before-seen unit photography, storyboards, set designs, make-up and visual effects shots, and page-to-screen comparisons of the comic and TV show. The book features new interviews with series creator Robert Kirkman, executive producer Frank Darabont, the series make-up artist, Greg Nicotero, and the cast and crew. It also includes sidebars that serve as a detailed episode guide and provide inside facts and trivia about the hit series.

Boegehold affirms, “ABRAMS is thrilled to be a part of the cultural phenomenon that is ‘The Walking Dead.’ What sets ABRAMS apart is our high standards of production and design that we lend to all the books that we publish. We can’t wait to apply these standards to zombies.”

“’The Walking Dead’ is that rare piece of material that lends itself to be experienced on many levels,” says Wiseman. “The series brilliantly captures the social commentary and ongoing human drama of the zombie apocalypse; and The Walking Dead Chronicles is a beautiful extension of the series.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flesh and Blood from Monsterverse

Wow, this has been some week for comic book announcements, huh? Here's cool news about a new series of graphic novels called Flesh and Blood written by Robert Tinnell and drawn by Neil D. Vokes.

Here's the plot summary:

FLESH AND BLOOD Volume One begins with the bloody destruction of the legendary vampire, the darkly seductive Carmilla. Her death ignites an epic firestorm of events that draws the greatest icons of Gothic horror into battle across the lush backdrop of 19th century Europe. At the center of this ghastly conflict, Baron Victor Frankenstein is forced to merge his diabolical scientific prowess with the black arts of a terrifying supernatural world. This unholy war between light and darkness will not be measured in months or years but across centuries of horror and devastation until one force reigns triumphant. Vampires, werewolves and scientific monsters are unleashed like nothing seen before in film, comics or literature.
As Hammer and other studios enlarged upon the Universal horror canon, bringing a sexier maturity to the world's most terrifying monsters along with a more realistic savagery to the violent action, FLESH AND BLOOD brings a modern update to these classic creatures.

Check out the official site, as well as the cool trailer below:

Thanks to DC and STYD for all the cool info.

“The Thing” maze coming to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

Wow, what an amazing coincidence!

Universal will be featuring a maze based on "The Thing" prequel being released on October 14th. The maze will be featured in both Hollywood and Orlando. Halloween Horror Nights starts September 23rd and runs through Halloween night.

From the article:

Theme park designers partnered with the film's producers, Strike Entertainment's Marc Abraham and Eric Newman to replicate the sets, audio, musical score, creature and characters referenced in the new pic.

"We want people to live the film and experience the same terror that affects the film's characters," Newman said. "Our collaboration with Universal's creative teams brought the vision of the film to life. We're excited for Halloween Horror Nights guests to experience 'The Thing' in this frighteningly real way."

New Dark Shadows comic from Dynamite Entertainment

More cool comics news! Check out the official press release on CBR:

Television's original reluctant vampire is back! Barnabas Collins is re-adjusting to life under his vampiric curse. Haunted by terrifying dreams of his age-old lover and nemesis, Angelique, and fighting his bloodlust, Barnabas fears that danger lies ahead for all who live at Collinwood. Meanwhile, Barnabas's ally and trusted friend Dr. Julia Hoffman is harboring secrets of her own. Written by Stuart Manning and drawn by Aaron Campbell, with covers by Campbell and superstar artist Francesco (Black: Panther: Man Without Fear, Swamp Thing) make sure to get the horrifying Dark Shadows #1!

Collinwood, an ancestral mansion on the remote Maine coastline, is home to the Collins family, a dynasty haunted by secrets and a supernatural curse spanning two centuries. Barnabas Collins is facing an uncertain future and new threats. Cursed in 1795 by the witch Angelique, Barnabas has lived as a vampire for almost two centuries. Out of his own time and now a self-appointed protector for the Collins family, accompanied by his loyal confidante Dr. Julia Hoffman, Barnabas lives in fear that Angelique might return as he seeks a cure from his vampiric affliction. Picking up directly where the original daytime episodes of Dark Shadows left off, the new comic book will bring the familiar residents of Collinwood further into the 1970s, facing threats both old and new.

Jim Pierson of Dan Curtis Productions, the show's creator, declares "Dark Shadows still casts its imaginative spell on so many devoted fans who have discovered the series over the past four decades, captivated by its unique blend of Gothic romance, mystery, horror and a touch of science fiction."

Says writer Stuart Manning, "With stunning artwork capturing the likenesses of the classic actors and exciting new serialized stories, the Dark Shadows comic will appeal to both the original generation of fans who ran home from school and new audience of fans ushered in by Tim Burton's forthcoming big screen remake, starring Johnny Depp."

"I am so happy to work with someone of Stuart's expertise and caliber," states Dynamite Entertainment President and Publisher Nick Barrucci. "Aaron's fantastic work on Sherlock Holmes and Green Hornet: Year One and Francesco Francavilla's covers are truly a sight to behold!"

"We've really put together a great team," adds Editor Joe Rybandt. "Stuart is crafting a tale for fans old and new, and Aaron's incredible detail will find a perfect home with this title, capturing the mood and atmosphere of Dark Shadows perfectly. It's gonna be a truly Gothic affair."

I am definitely adding this one to my pull list!

Monday, July 18, 2011

H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror and The Lovecraft Library Vol 1: Horror Out of Arkham from IDW Publishing

Check out this kick-ass press release courtesy of CBR:

In anticipation of Comic-Con International: San Diego 2011, IDW Publishing today announced H.P. LOVECRAFT’S THE DUNWICH HORROR, a comic series with a modern take on Lovecraft’s timeless short story of terror The Dunwich Horror. Starting in October, author Joe R. Lansdale and artist Peter Bergting bring to the 21st century audience classic horrors that influenced many prominent authors, most notably Stephen King, who cites Lovecraft as the largest influence on his own writing.

“It’s flattering to be working on a Lovecraft project, one of the most influential horror writers of all time,” said Lansdale, a seven-time Bram Stoker Award winner.

Originally published in the April 1929 issue of Weird Tales, and set in Dunwich, Massachussets, The Dunwich Horror depicts an eerie story of Wilbur Whateley, a sorcerer’s grandson and his search for the Necronomicon, a magical textbook said to hold the powers to open the way for the return of the “Old Ones” to Earth.

“Like many before me, H.P. Lovecraft’s stories have had a great impact on my notion of what fiction can be,” said editor Denton J. Tipton. “Helping to bring Lovecraft’s work to a new generation of readers is a great honor, as is working with Joe and Peter. The legacy couldn’t be in better hands.”

Each of the four issues in the H.P. LOVECRAFT’S THE DUNWICH HORROR miniseries will also offer an adaptation of Lovecraft’s short story The Hound, by noted Lovecraft historian Robert Weinberg and artist menton3. First published in the February 1924 issue of Weird Tales, The Hound tells the cryptic tale of two grave robbers, who take their private collection too far when they dig up the grave of one of their own.
“Lovecraft's story ‘The Hound’ is horror at its most intense,” said Weinberg. “The climax of the story is one you won't forget!”

Readers are encouraged to ask their retailer about the variant Nick Percival covers and The Dunwich Horror prose chapbooks for each issue. Each chapbook will feature a portion of the original The Dunwich Horror prose; readers collection all four chapbooks will come away with the prose for The Dunwich Horror and The Hound.

Also coming in October from IDW Publishing, THE LOVECRAFT LIBRARY, VOL 1: HORROR OUT OF ARKHAM features terrifying tales by H.P. Lovecraft, including Herbert West—Reanimator, The Unnamable, The Colour Out of Space, The Dunwich Horror, and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. With art by Menton3 and an introduction by Robert Weinberg, this is one book that horror fans can’t do without!

H.P. LOVECRAFT: THE DUNWICH HORROR #1 (of 4) ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in October 2011.

THE LOVECRAFT LIBRARY, VOLUME 1: HORROR OUT OF ARKHAM ($16.99, 232 pages, full color, hardcover) will be available in stores in October 2011.

Looking forward to them both!

The Walking Dead Season 2 clip

Thanks to STYD for the link to the sneak peek!

So, who else is excited?

What could possibly go wrong?

Bee-wearing contest. Hours and hours of family fun.

Thanks, I think I'll pass on this one.......

Vox Noctis

What up, boils and ghouls!

I'm sure you know by know about the new Vox Noctis, featuring the talents of Chris Baker and Revenant from Hauntcast. No? You don't?

Well, if you have any need for haunt commercials, haunt rules/greetings, prop voices or sound fx, narrated haunt scenes and queue line entertainment, then you need to check out the site and get in touch with them ASAP!.

Custom audio to chill the blood. Prices that won’t make it boil!

The Perfect House to be inaugural film on FlickLaunch

The Perfect House will be the first film to premiere on FlickLaunch, the first independent-movie distribution platform built on Facebook. It will debut on 10/1 as a 7 day $5 rental through the Facebook page.

I absolutely enjoyed this film, and highly recommend it. Congrats again to Kris & Randy.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Exorcists meet to discuss vampires & the devil

Sounds like some party.

Check out the story.

The Midnite Spook Frolic Jukebox: Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures “Redneck Vixen From Outer Space”

Dig it, boils and ghouls!

Lizard Man attack in SC

The Lizard Man is one of the more bizarre and interesting cryptids said to haunt our country.

It is described as being a 7 foot tall humanoid with green scales and glowing red eyes. Apparently incredibly strong, it has been said to attack cars and inflict property damage throughout the south.

Here's the latest report out of South Carolina.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hellboy: House of the Living Dead graphic novel – November 22nd

Cool - DC is reporting that an all new hardcover Hellboy book is coming this fall!

Hellboy: House of the Living Dead reunites the Eisner-winning duo of Mike Mignola and Richard Corben for a 56-page full-color original graphic novel in the vein of Hellboy in Mexico published by Dark Horse Comics. It's now available for pre-order in advance of its November 22nd release date. Synopsis: Devastated over the loss of his luchador comrade to vampires, Hellboy lingers in Mexican bars until he's invited to participate in the ultimate wrestling match with a vicious Frankenstein monster. Get ready for a wild ride!

Love it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hauntcast's Drink & Think on Blog TV tonight

What up, boils and ghouls!!!

Just a reminder that Chris is hosting the first Hauntcast Drink & Think tonight on Blog TV at 9 EST. Yup, Hauntcast comes to Blog TV!

Check it out!!.

No, that's not too creepy


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sasqwatch: The Original Bigfoot Watch

What all the well dressed ghouls will be wearing this season!

Sasquatch—the mythical beast, scientifically referred to megafauna cryptid, roams the uncharted forests undetected and unknown for centuries—is now the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind collectible—the Sasqwatch!

Designed with the big beast in mind—this cleverly designed timepiece has a rugged strap to stay secure in the thickest of hostile environments. The face itself is a tribute to the single iconic piece of evidence of Sasquatch’s existence—his mighty, massive footprint. Using the beast’s own arms to illustrate the time—this bigfoot watch is no hoax and will not only get noticed on your wrist, but will mystify and delight onlookers. Available in 4 colors—Charcoal, Bark, Evergreen, and Pink —it's a perfect gift for anyone who wants a once in a lifetime sighting of the unknown. Encounter time with the Sasqwatch! Now only $19.99!

Check out the site. Thanks to my bud Skullboy for the spooky head's up!

Chupa sighting in Texas

Another super creepy monster (or just ugly coyote) sigthing in Texas. Gracias to my sweetie Mrs. Thunder for the link :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fright Night Film Fest – Louisville, KY – July 22-24, 2011

There is so much going on at this kick-ass event next week that I won't even try to summarize or give any details.

Check out the site for all the cool guests, events and screenings.

Gary B's: This Week in Horror History (July 11-17)

Hello everyone, here is this weeks installment...

July 11:
1972: Michael Rosenbaum (actor in Urban Legend and Cursed) was born

July 12:
1880: Todd Browning (director of Dracula and Freaks) was born (d. 1962)
1973: Lon Chaney Jr. (actor) dies (b. 1906)
2002: Halloween: Resurrection - was released theatrically

July 13:
1951: Stellan Skarsgard (actor in Exorcist II: The Beginning, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist) was born

July 14:
1939: Sid Haig (horror actor) was born
2001: The Chronicle premieres on television

July 15:
1941: Larry Cohen (director It's Alive III, Masters of Horror) was born
2004: Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital ends its run on television

July 16:
1958: The Fly - was released theatrically

July 17:
1987: Jaws: The Revenge - was released theatrically
2002: Eight Legged Freaks - was released theatrically

Blobfest 2011

We had a great time at Blobfest on Saturday! The weather was perfect, the crowds were huge and there was a ton o' bloberiffic fun to be had. There were plenty of classic cars courtesy of Violators Motor Club and great rockabillty from The Buzzards.

We had a great time checking out the vendors, and I snagged a couple of great magazines I will post about later on. My bud Mark and his wife & daughter made the drive down to hang out with us and we had a great time walking around and checking out all the sights.

Here's this year's kick-ass shirt too. The front:

and da back:

Looking forward to next year!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Werewolf (201?) from Universal

So remember the story about how Universal was first looking to do a direct to DVD Wolfman reboot or sequel ? Yeah I was kinda confused too.

Anways - the project is moving forward under the title "Werewolf" (geez, I loved that show back in the day). They have hired director Louis Morneau ("Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead," "Bet Your Life" and "The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting")
to helm this project.

I still don't know enough about the plot or actors to really tell whether I'm interested.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hauntcast Blog TV Drink & Think 7/14

Hauntcast’s first live Blog TV Drink and Think is Thursday July 14th at 9pm EST.

The show will be available on Hauntcast’s BlogTV channel. Check out BlogTv in advance and make sure that you have a web cam and mic. A simple Logictec headset will do the trick. More details to come.

Dollar bin goodies at Target

My daughter's favorite section of Target is the Dollar Bin when you first walk in the door. OK who am I kidding my favorite section of Target is also the Dollar Bin when you first walk in the door.

We grabbed a bunch of fun cheapo stuff to play with including these two goodies. The first is an alien shaped head full of goop. My wife and I agreed it looks like that thing we had as a kid in the 70s called Slime. Needless to say, given our daughter's proclivity to throw things in her hair, my face, furniture and/or walls, we haven't opened the container. You have your choice of exciting alien colors including blue, pink & green. The second treasure is your favorite and mine - yes, it's rat on a string. It doesn't do anything but hey - it's a rat on a string!

I'm definitely going back to scoop up a few more to round out the candy bucket for this year's Trick or Treating. Check 'em out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fangoria to host Insidious screening and Q&A with Director James Wan & Screenwriter Leigh Whannel

Cool, I actually got this press release email (wow, I'm all kinds of awesome huh).

To celebrate the DVD release on July 12th, Fangoria is teaming up with Sony Pictures and announced a special screening of Insidious and a Q&A on July 11th.

Fangoria will be hosting the exclusive screening at the Silent Theater in Los Angeles starting at 7:30 PST/10:30 EST. Immediately following the screening at around 9pm PST/midnight EST, will be the Q&A with director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, which will be live-streamed directly to their Insidious Facebook Page.

All questions will be fan-generated: they’re collecting questions on the Insidious Facebook Page, as well as via Twitter using #InsidiousLIVE. If you tune in to the Q&A on the Insidious Facebook Page and leave a comment on the Ustream tab using #InsidiousLIVE, then you will be instantly entered for a chance to win a free DVD copy of the movie.

Horror Weekend 2011, Gatlinburg, TN - October 1st & 2nd

Just in time to get you in the proper Halloween mood, Horror Weekend 2011 is coming to the Gatlinburg Convention Center in Tennessee on October 1st and 2nd.

From the site:

We are proud to present Horror Weekend 2011 live from the Gatlinburg Convention Center located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee! This your chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite stars from the Horror genre. Our celebrity guests in attendance will be signing autographs, taking photos with the fans and participating in Question and Answer panels. In addition there will be dozens of vendors, parties and a costume contest. Be sure to check back often for all the latest details!

For all the gory info, go to their site.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hauntcast 32: Chumbucket Stew now slaying!

What up, boils and ghouls! Hauntcast has returned from the grave and is out for blood!

This month I review J.J. Abram’s Super 8 and the vampire flick Stake Land, Dennis McDonald’s novel Ebon Moon, and preview Blobfest 2011.

Chris presents part 2 of his interview with Matt Ford of The House at Haunted Hill and also talks with Norman from kick-ass band The Ghastly Ones!

Rev discusses how to integrate local legends into your haunt, the Mistress chats up Ghoul Friday, and Denhaunt walks us through how to make a foam board coffin, plus Robert from Brandywine Cemetery is Mad Propped.

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Gary Berger's 10 Questions with co-owner of New Orleans’ legendary “The House of Shock,” Ross Karpelman

“I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness...” - H.P. Lovecraft, "From Beyond"

For me that quote from H.P. Lovecraft’s “From Beyond” gives you a small glimpse into the thought process from which partners Ross Karpelman, Steven Joseph, Jay Gracianette and Pantera front man Phillip Anselmo conjured up the legendary “The House of Shock” in New Orleans, LA almost 20 years ago.

I was able to get Ross to break away from his demanding schedule to sit down and answer a few questions about the recently anointed #1 Must-See Haunt by Haunted Attraction Magazine .

I know allot of pro-haunters began their scream fests as home-haunters, where any of you home-haunters prior to kicking off this hellish haunt?
The House of Shock started as a home haunt! We were in backyards the first 2 years and would have been the third year if the City Council wouldn’t have forced us to go commercial. That was part of their plan to shut us down. They didn’t think that a bunch of kids (we were about 23 at the time) could pull off a for real commercial haunted house.

If any of our readers don’t know, who came up with the idea to start “The House of Shock” and who are your business partners?
The House of Shock started as an idea in our friend Philip’s basement. We were reflecting on how much fun Halloween used to be when we were growing up. How excited we would get to dress up and pull pranks on our friends and neighbors… We never dreamed it would become as big as it is now. Philip no longer plays a big role in The House of Shock. The current owners are myself and my life-long friends Steven Joseph and Jay Gracianette. Jay’s backyard served as the venue for the 1st annual House of Shock! His grandparents had no idea what they were in for! God Bless Their Souls!

This will be “The House of Shock’s” 19th year of scaring the hell out of its survivors, err…I mean patrons. What has been your key to success in an industry that is boiling over with competition?
“Our key to success” is just remaining true to ourselves! We do what we do because we love it… We never cared for the behind the velvet rope style of haunting. We are in your face and violent! Our sets are larger than life and detailed… Our stage show is over the top and our pyrotechnics speak for themselves! The key is not to let other people tell you what your event should be. If you want Dracula and The Mummy then own that s***! We happen to like our occult themes and base our scenes on a good bit of New Orleans history. We will never change that… We are unique! An enigma! No one else could/would do what we do and we like it that way!

One of the many features which set “The House of Shock” apart from other attractions in the world is your very elaborate multi-media stage show. Tell us about the show?
The stage show came about circa 1999… It has evolved over the years. It features three distinctive characters that we established from the very beginning in the backyards. We were always a theatrical haunt. We always started The House of Shock with some sort of Good vs. Evil skit… But as we progressed, our level of show progressed. Now it incorporates an ongoing storyline with defined characters that most of our patrons now know by name. We use video, lighting and a whole lot of sound to get our point across. There are multiple stages and stunts! One year the Reverend Leviticus (the good guy) flew over the crowd to the stage on a big crucifix. Another year we crucified him on a pneumatic cross that sent him 25’ in the air! The pyrotechnics have become what most people look for nightly. Co-owner Steve Joseph is a professional pyrotechnition in the music/touring world and designs shows for everyone from AC/DC and The Rolling Stones to Nickelback and Ozzy! He really brings the fire to the show… Literally! Our entire stage engulfs into flame. It is a rush you cannot explain! You can actually feel the heat and more so THE PRESSURE from blocks away!

I remember reading you guys had a few run-ins with a few in the community who made claims about a certain portion of the haunt being dedicated to a Satanic Church or worship. How did this come about and did that incident change anything in regards to how you approached the attraction?
The whole Satanic thing came about from the beginning… We are born of a different generation. Although we respect and honor the age old standbys of horror’s past, we grew up on The Exorcist, The Evil Dead and The Omen! We grew up with the whole post-Apocalyptic end time message! That is what was scary to us as kids. So naturally that is the imagery that we project with our attraction… Not to mention we are all Metal heads! I mean what would Slayer be without Satan… Metallica? HAHAHAA! Kidding we love old Metallica too!

A haunted attractions actor’s can make or break the haunt. Let us in on the type of actors you have, do you have a rigorous audition process, or do you guys pretty much go on a gut feeling…like yeah this guys has THE look go scare the hell out of someone.
Well we throw everyone at you! It is a non-stop barrage of characters… We have over 350 volunteers! We tell all of our actors to just be intense. Most of our guys get it immediately and throw their own spin on intensity. Others may need a little bit of guidance. It is usually up to me to make sure everyone is up to snuff. Once you get inside there aren’t a lot of speaking roles, so a good bit of it is startle scares. Also we have characters just going crazy! They are all over the place with their range of emotions! I get off just sitting back in a scene and watching these guys go off… You see some funny stuff! Some really great performances!

Tell me who is in charge of your set decorations and make-up. From what I have seen they rival most big-budget movies, especially with such amazing attention to detail.
Our Art Director is David Carry and our Scenic Designer is Ern McCracken… They along with Harold Bufford have now started Dead House Designs and have already made their mark on the Haunt Industry this year with the most talked about booth at Transworld! It took some real cojones to set up shop right across from Scarefactory our first year in business… But I’d say we held our own! These guys are awesome but it is the Blood, Sweat and Beers that all of our members put in to make these scenes work! It is the dedication of our volunteers that make us what we are! We are really one big family… We hang out all year long and figure out what we can do to make The House of Shock better. We have group functions all year! BBQ’s, Parties for every occasion… You should see our New Year’s Eve party! If you thought we had a lot of pyro during Halloween? That ain’t S***!

Most haunters have that one prop or scene they really love. What’s yours?
Our cast! Props are just props… Our cast is what makes us different! The sheer number of them is intimidating enough! It never seems to end. Our patrons are physically drained by the time they make it out of the exit… I don’t know if this is a good thing, but a lot of our customers say they will never come back because we are TOO because we would rather wear that badge and do less people than to have our customers come out with no opinion! Love it or hate it… The House of Shock will leave an impression! Mostly that impression is WOW! Scary! That’s ok with me

Do you have anything new that is being added to bloody up the 2011 season?
2011 will see many improvements all over the place but our focus is before you even get in the door! We are adding to our already amazing cue line entertainment… We are adding more national bands, a lot more freaks walking around and of course more pyro if that is even possible! Overall we are making our outside set up more accessible and easier to enjoy for everyone. Our Halloween Festival will have more food vendors and more places to hang out to watch people get the crap scared out of them. So now people who are too scared to actually go in can still have a great time just hanging out at the outdoor festival… FOR FREE!

Can you let everyone know how to get a hold of the “The House of Shock” if they have questions about the upcoming 2011 season?
Very easy… and of course we are on Facebook too.
You can get in touch with me personally at I am always happy to answer whatever questions anyone may have about The House of Shock anytime! We hope to see you all this year down here in New Orleans! This is truly an October destination city… New Orleans itself is geared around all things Halloween! Not to mention we are less than an hour away from The 13th Gate! They are in my opinion the best all around Haunted Attraction in the country! Dwayne Sanburn and his crew have mastered the art of haunting! We always have a fun time there every year! We rent a big bus and go see them on our night off and they do the same for us! To have two of the consistently best Haunted Attractions in the country virtually next door to each other is unheard of! New Orleans is a one stop Haunting destination! Make sure you make your plans to come here and see what we have to offer… There is no better place to be than New Orleans for Halloween!

Thanks Ross for taking the time answer these questions and I look forward to coming down and getting a behind the scenes tour of the haunt.

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