Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wow, Frankenstein in a DC & Marvel comic on the same day?

How cool is this? Yesterday when I stopped at my local comic shop, I was treated to not just one comic and cover shot of Frankenstein (yes yes I know "Frankenstein's Monster" proper, but....) but TWO!

Yup, as part of the Flashpoint event (which I am skipping due to lack of interest), Morrison's Frankenstein character has been repositioned as a member of an updated and kick-ass new version of the Creature Commandos (one of my favorite comics growing up, as GrimGhost and I discussed at the NHC). This issue obviously tweaks the original concept, but it's a great read. And get this (nerd alert!) there's even an appearance by J.A.K.E. I even scored a promotional pin which is a highly stylized image of Franky. Sweet!

DC is also rebooting its entire universe as of September (why, DC, why?) and overall I'm not that interested, but guess what? Yup, the company has confirmed one of the newly relaunched 52 series will be Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE , written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Alberto Ponticelli, described as: "taking the Frankenstein monster and turning him/it into an action hero alongside other fictional monsters in the service of a government organization: The Super Human Advanced Defense Executive." I'm soooooooo there!

The other comic was from Marvel and is the first issue of the Fearsome Four which I covered in this post. It was a fun read and always great to see them revive their version of the Monster along with my favorite Defender Nighthawk.

If you're a comics fan, definitely check 'em out. Later!

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  1. the GI Robot Mark 2 was in the Flashpoint tie-in and was the villain which i didnt like... he's supposed to be this innocent but a killing machine.
    I miss Lt Matthew Shrieve.. they really need that human element.