Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Vampire 3D

OK, so I'll balance out the Human Centipede info with something a little more family friendly LOL.

Here's news of a 3D animated version of "Little Vampire Goes to School" from Joann Sfar and StudioCanal. It will be in English and won't just be for kids: "'Little Vampire' should be very funny for adults but also play for a broad range of kids," StudioCanal chairman-CEO Olivier Courson said."

The book is about "Little Vampire, lives in a house full of amiable but aged ghouls and monsters. Missing the company of other children, Little Vampire helps out a human child, Michel, an orphan, who is behind with his homework, and they become friends."

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  1. oo that looks like one I can get and pretend it's for the kids