Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Questions with Hauntcast task master, Chris Baker

By Gary Berger
Founded in 2008, Hauntcast is a free radio-style podcast for Haunters and Halloween fanatics. G/Host Chris Baker and the Hauntcast Scream Team (Chris Baker, Johnny Thunder, Revenant, Shellhawk and DenHaunt) take you on a two-hour flaming death-skull roller coaster ride of haunting, Halloween and horror mayhem. Originally conceived with the adult home haunter in mind, the show has recently undergone minor changes making it, in effect, a show for ALL haunters. Young or old, novice or pro, Hauntcast has something for haunters and Halloween fanatics of every stripe. Hauntcast features haunt community news, horror news and reviews, home-made prop spotlights, haunt product reviews, haunt theory & tactics, interviews with the nation’s premier haunters, plus up-and-coming Halloween and horror bands. And we have even more new features in the works!

What was your inspiration for starting Hauntcast?

I was obviously drunk at the time and not thinking clearly. Actually, I was trying to expand my voice over business and stumbled across podcasting. I thought a podcast for Haunters would be a fun project, I put together a sample opening posted it on the forums, Revenant contacted me and Hauntcast was hatched.

How did you get a hold of your current Scream Team for this podcast?

I contacted Johnny Thunder on Halloween Forum because he had a ton of posts in the horror section and I wanted a horror segment. Revenant contacted me on Haunt Forum after I posted about starting a podcast. He tried to talk me out of doing the show. I wish he did. Just kidding, it's been a trip. Shellhawk stalked me until I submitted and let her join the brodeo. And I met Denny at a Massachusetts Make & Take. He was already a Hauntcast groupie and a talented prop maker, so when Morbius had to leave the show I convinced him to give it a shot.

Most of us who follow Hauntcast are aware of the trepidations you had with taking this podcast to a pay-per-episode format. Since you made that decision, what ramifications did it have and what do you see in the future as far as that goes?

As you know now the show is free again. A few people had an issue with the change to pay-per-play. Hey, I wanted to go commercial free and I thought it would work. If I could have sold the show on iTunes it probably would have, but with renewed interest from advertisers I decided to make it free again.

Who did the illustration for your logo and web site? They are friggin sick.

Felix Leflamme. From what I understand he's blown-up since doing our graphics. I don't think I can afford him anymore. www.felixlaflamme.com/

I know you do voice over work as well, how did you get into that & how long have you been doing it?

I used to work as a Production Assistant at a radio station in Boston. I had a wicked hahsh Boston accent, so they never used me for voice over projects. I lost most of my accent since then, yea right. A few years ago I stated doing free voice-overs for people on Halloween Forum and I discovered I had a talent in this particular area. I started a business the following year doing haunt greetings, haunt rules, props voices, 3-axis skull routines and commercials. Almost all of the voices used in the production of Hauntcast are done by me. Revenant has recently joined forces with me on a voice over business, name to be announced. We are going to market ourselves to pro haunts. People can contact us at

I know you are a home-haunter as well, tell us about your haunt…all the good stuff?

It's called the Village Mire. The back story is a genetic engineer has gone mad and is splicing human DNA with plants and animals creating many unspeakable abominations that roam the grounds. It's a mixture of static and animatronic props. I love pneumatics, so I have an air cannon, coffin sit-up, monster-in-the-box, rat spitter, barrel pop-up and a few new tricks being added this year. I'm trying to add a few actors into the mix and I am starting to act and be more physically involved.

You do a number of video cast’s in regards to your hand-crafted props, you seem like a natural in front of the camera…or is it that back-east beer? Only kidding…do you sell any of the props or do you upload for others to enjoy and to learn how to make them?

I don't want to get into a business of selling props. There are plenty of people doing that. I barely have enough time to build my own props. I do like to help others out, but I don't believe in giving people all the details. I like to give people directions and ideas, they need to be able to figure out some things for themselves.

I know most of the haunters conventions are finished for the season, but do you have plans on attending any others? If not, what kind of response have you received while attending the conventions this spring and which ones did you get a chance to go to?

I went to Transworld that's it. We met a lot of fans there. The entire Scream Team was in the Haunted hiz-ouse. It was great meeting people you chat with on-line and email. There was a lot of love even though most of the people weren't familiar with the show.

Without giving away too much, what is in the future for Hauntcast? Any new segments or ideas you have floating around?

We have two new segments airing on July 1st. I can't divulge what they are at this time. You'll have to wait. One segment is going to help expand our audience. I'm excited about it, very excited.

Last question…bottle or can and what brand?

Lately it's been all about the rum. Bacardi and Diet Coke. Zero carbs, zero calories. When I'm drinking beer it's Harpoon IPA all the way.

To check out Chris’s projects you can go to
YouTube. Do yourselves a favor and go to www.hauntcast.net download a few shows, crack open a cold one and enjoy. I do every month.


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