Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Only skinny zombies need apply

Well, here's some cool news for all actors and wanna be stars - well, if ya be skinny.

The Walking Dead is looking for extras for season 2. Requirements?

18-60yrs, slim build/facial features, willing to work south of Atlanta.

I guess all the husky zombies lost a lot of weight or are too lazy and fat to crawl out of their graves? Oh well, count me out! lol....


  1. The wraiths need to be wraith-like? Boy, I'd love to be an extra. I do it for free just to have the chance to hang out on the set!


  2. It just makes me laugh that fat people aren't reanimated...

  3. Perhaps they are going for more skeletal zombies, like this batch has been around for a while and really starting to rot? That's the only rational I can come up with for them not wanting anyone who isn't of "slim build".

  4. I'm reanimated every morning around 6am, huh, go figure. It makes me laugh is the "must be willing work south of Atlanta" What's up with that, is that like South Central L.A.(lol)

  5. As an expert, a person with more meat on their bones gets way scarier looking than a boring skinny person. Too bad, I'd make a great curvy zombie. Their loss JT.