Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hauntcast: FREE again & Better Than Ever!

Yo all you cool ghouls! Johnny Thunder here with some really cool news!

Hauntcast is once again absolutely FREE as of this Friday's show thanks to the continued support of our kick-ass fans and our sponsors! That's right - given the explosion of downloads the past few months, and the resulting vendor/sponsor interest, Da G/Host Baker is able to produce the show free to the public!

Part of this exciting new development in the evolution of Hauntcast is an all new redesign of the website which will allow for easier navigation. Also, the new episodes of Hauntcast will be available on the first Friday of the month, not the last.

If you know any vendors that should advertise with us please send them an email and let them know Chris is looking to bring new advertisers on board!

Again, thank you from the bottom of our rotten spooky hearts for all the continued support and haunted love the community has shown us!

Once again - the new Hauntcast will be unleashed this Friday, June 3rd! All right, boils and ghouls, this is Johnny Thunder reminding you to stay scary!