Friday, May 27, 2011

Curse of the Faceless Man (1958)

Cool news about a June release from MGM's Limited Edition Collection.

The one that would be of most interest to us monster movie kids is Curse of the Faceless Man (1958). Here's the spooky summary:

In the excavation of Pompeii, a stone-encrusted body is found with a bronze medallion bearing a strange Etruscan inscription. Carlo Fiorillo, Italian archaeologist, speculates the robust body may hold some life; medical researcher Paul Mallon scoffs at the idea. But people left alone with the seemingly petrified "faceless man" keep dying of crushed skulls; and Paul's artist fiancée Tina starts having strange visions...

Check out the official MGM site for more info. Thanks to DC for the head's up.

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