Wednesday, April 13, 2011

World War Z update

For fellow fans of the novel, check out the news.

Looks like the Brad Pitt produced and starring flick may be thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to going into production.



  1. Expletive, expletive YEAH!!!

  2. Watch your salty language, young man. lol....

  3. I've read The Zombie Survival Guide. I had no idea there was a second book. And Bradders in a zombie flick? I would never have put two and two together and come up with zombies. Thanks for the gossip! Here's to hoping.

  4. Ali, do yourself a HUGE favor and read WWZ, it is by far the BEST zombie novel I have ever read. Such a cool way to tell such a sprawling tale. I will say this, if it is not rated R, it will be a waste, and it should be at least 2 hours long otherwise you would not be able to fully tell this story. Unless they plan on making multiple pictures of course.