Friday, April 8, 2011

Texas Frightmare Weekend, April 29-May 1

Hello my horror brethren…just wanted to let you know I will be headed down to Dallas, Texas for Texas Frightmare Weekend at the end of this month. I intend on posting a full review at the end of the weekend with (fingers crossed) video interviews as well. I also will be doing a phone-in report from the convention floor with Chris Baker from Hauntcast and daily reports for

The line-up of guests looks amazing, here is a little taste:

CARY ELWES (SAW, SAW 3D, The Princess Bride, Hot Shots, Glory, Shadow of the Vampire, etc.)

SHAWNEE SMITH (SAW, SAW II, SAW III, SAW VI, The Blob, The Stand, Carnival of Souls)

CLIVE BARKER (director)

ROGER CORMAN (director)

ANGUS SCRIMM (Phantasm I-IV, Masters of Horror, I Sell the Dead)

ROBERT ENGLAND (A Nightmare on Elm St, Galaxy of Terror, Masters of Horror)

MALCOLM MCDOWELL (A Clockwork Orange, Halloween, Halloween II, Caligula, Time After Time, Cat People, etc.)

DIETER LASER (The Human Centipede)

TOM SIX (director The Human Centipede)

YOSHIHIRO NISHIMURA (director Audition, Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Mutant Girls Squad, etc.)

DOUG BRADLEY (Pinhead in Hellraiser)

JASON EISENER (director Hobo with a Shotgun) SID HAIG (Captain Howdy)

SEAN PATRICK FLANERY (Saw 3D, The Boondock Saints, Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing, Stephen King's Dead Zone)

NORMAN REEDUS (The Walking Dead, Pandorum, The Boondock Saints, Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns, Blade II, Mimic)

Click here to see the full line-up.

Who would you be the most interested in me interviewing and what questions would you like me to ask?

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