Monday, April 11, 2011

Hauntcast individual episodes now available for purchase

Just a head's up for anyone who doesn't already have a year subscription (you know, the one that costs the insanely obscene amount of 12 bucks - or - a buck a show.......), da G/Host Chris Baker now has individual new shows available.

Go to the Subscriptions section on the Hauntcast site and check it out. Obviously, Chris would prefer you cough up that crazy 12 bucks to show your support and keep the show going, but......Again, the choice is the community's. We don't wanna hear y'all crying when it goes away after the November show - because - as Chris has said - there ain't no gettin' the band back together once it's over.

So, go subscribe.


I mean it.


  1. still can't get over people bitchin' about $12 a year for the privilege of hearing this wonderful, innovative and fun Halloween broadcast. it's a damn shame. (I'm sure some will have something to say about the $1.39 price tag as well... sigh... )