Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hauntcast News

Dig on this, boils and ghouls!

From the desk of da G/Host:

Not only are the past two seasons of Hauntcast available for Free on the Archives page and iTunes, but we are now infecting the non-members with a 10-15 minute sample of all the 2011 shows. Spread the word like VD and lure non-subscribers to sample the latest episodes.

But wait - THERE'S MORE!!!

We have some cool things in the works. Coming next week an iPhone & Droid App. You will be able to listen to the past 2 seasons and 10-15 minute previews of each 2011 episode. I am also working on a new run of T-Shirts with a new design and color.

Hauntcast 30 airs April 29th featuring an interview with author Lesley Bannatyne of Halloween Nation.

Go check 'em out and subscribe.

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