Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ghost Ship Day: A Tribute to "The Fog"

As you may know, to mark the 21st anniverary of the release of John Carpenter's The Fog, Halloweenut has organized Ghost Ship Day: A Tribute to "The Fog". Thanks again to him for the invite to participate in this event!

Like most horror fans, Carpenter is and remains one of my favorite filmmakers. "The Fog" also ranks among some of my favorite films, due to the story, direction and - of course - the music. Carpenter's distinctive and innovative music compositions stand out in the world of the horror film. The music in "The Fog" is no exception. Truly chilling, the music underscores the ghostly goings-on perfectly.

This was reinforced for me recently after I read the wonderful scholarly essay entitiled “Hearing Deep Seated Fears: John Carpenter’s The Fog (1980)” by K.J. Donnelly which is available in the amazing collection Music in the Horror Film: Listening to Fear by Neil Lerner.

In brief, the essay examines "the primal quality of the film’s music. Carpenter’s scores are repetitive and characterised by minimalism. In The Fog, the relentless drones embody the fog. The synthesizers create a sonic and virtual threat and produce effectively the physical embodiment of the threatening presence of the fog."

As has been noted "By leading us with the ear to hear these films in new ways, these essays allow us to see horror films with fresh eyes."

Donnelly's essay, in particular, achieves this and gives new perspective to Carpenter's film. A must read for all fans of "The Fog" and John Carpenter.


  1. "The Fog" and of course, John Carpenter, are huge favourites here in the Hollow. Thanks for the heads up on Ghost Ship Day. I'm surfing over to Halloween Nut's site right now!