Monday, April 4, 2011

Face Off 2

Check it out, boils and ghouls!! Thanks to taraco over on the CHFB for the skinny on casting calls for the second season of Face Off:

We received an e-mail from the casting folks behind SyFy's special effects make-up show, FACE OFF! Seems they are looking for make-up folks who'd be willing to try out for the show. Casting calls are Saturday, April 10 at Monsterpalooza in Burbank and at IMATS in New York City.

Check out the flier for all the details.


  1. On the back of the flier is a note: "Please, no horrible Betty Page bangs this time".

  2. Andrew...that was awesome, I got my great laugh for the day! Looking forward this. I loved the first season minus all tje dramatics. Really wanted tate to win but conner I guess just showed more consistancy throughtout. Hey JT..any updates on what any of the contestants have been up to since the show? I heard Tom was at Transworld?

  3. Tate has made a production deal with Dolphin Bay films to make "HIM"...if you remember it was his "villian" concept. It will be sick (in a good way), especially if you have seen any of Tate's short films.

  4. Thats amazing news! Where can we view his short films?

  5. Clown is here

    My Winter Coat is here

    I have not been able to find an on-line link to Devoured..., but here is the trailer for it.