Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bloodshed Brothers leave a scary trail across southern California…and beyond

I had a chance to sit down and talk with with Twin brothers Zachary and Jeremy Ball, a.k.a. the Bloodshed Brothers last night and they have been wreaking havoc on their southern California neighborhood for the better part of 11 years. These two Temecula, CA. twins were bitten by the haunt bug at a relatively early age, when most kids wanted to watch cartoons and play video games these two brothers were setting the stage for a hobby which is now blossoming into a full-time career.

The Brothers ambitions began on Halloween night when a neighbor down the street scared the crap out of them when they were two years old, and they were hooked. Years later and parents who fully supported them they decided to have their first walk thru haunt. The Brothers said, “We are in the 5th grade and getting tired of just laying on the porch scaring people. We wanted to have some type of walk through haunt. We got together with a friend and planed a small walk way haunt at their house. It was a blast. A strobe light, black-light lit the scene, and black plastic for the walls. We had a cardboard box with a hole cut out of it for a head to fit through. We put an actor inside the box and he would spring to life when the children came to get candy.”

Fast forward to 2010, The Brothers multi-room haunt “The Hyde Street Massacre” which had over 1400 visitors over three nights, pretty spectacular considering it is built on their parent’s front yard.

Zachary and Jeremy are doing much more now and have greater ambitions then when they were young. Currently, they are one year into “The Blood Vlogs” which follows them through a year of being a home-haunter. Letting Halloween consume their everyday life while they invite you along for the ride. They also have horror movie reviews on the vlog as well. Here is an example of their reaching popularity, recently they posted their vlog review of “Insidious”, and the review has over 11,000 hits.

The Brothers have also ventured into the realm of movie special effects and make-up for a web series called Matt & Wes Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse. It is a comedy that follows Matt and Wes as they try to survive though a mass zombie outbreak. I highly suggest you check this out, it is HILARIOUS.

Being constantly on the move and looking to expand their blood lust and brand The Brothers will be making the Haunt Convention circuit this year. They plan on attending the West Coast Haunters Convention on May 13-15 in Salem, OR and the National Haunters Convention on May 5-8 in King of Prussia, PA.

So do yourselves a favor and check these guys out at or on Facebook.