Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scary Monsters Magazine #78

Yup, boils and ghouls, the latest and greatest issue of Scary Monsters Magazine is here!

It arrived in my scary mailbox Friday night and I am going to spend some time today diving right in. Featuring a cover by Terry Beatty, the mag is - as usual - chock full o' monster-iffic fun.

As I always say, do yourself a spooky solid and pick up a copy - or subscribe - today.


  1. On the cover is my good friend John Ferguson, better known in these parts as Horror Host Count Gregore. Read the interview it is well worth the time.

  2. Very cool, I was going to ask you about that!

  3. John is such a great down-to-earth man, I am getting the opportunity to work on a movie with him this spring and summer. I can't talk about the movie yet, but let's just say it is VERY COOL!

  4. I already read the John Ferguson interview, aka: Horror Host Count Gregore and it is indeed "well worth the time" , Gary!