Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hauntcast Infects Transworld

From the desk of Chris Baker:

Hauntcast infects the Transworld Haunt Show this weekend. The entire Scream Team will be together for the first and probably last time. You will find us shambling about the tradeshow floor and skulking around booth 1118 with Juneau Studio’s. We will be raffling off an amazing skulpt by Robert of Brandywine Cemetery as well as Halloween and Haunt related books and DVDs. Register at the booth for only $1 a ticket or 4 for $5.

We’ll also be at Insane Shane’s party Thursday night. Also, throw back some drinks at a nearby dirty dive if you think you can hang.

I won't be flying in until Friday morning so I will unfortunately miss the party. However, as Chris said, it will be cool for the entire Team to be together before the show ends.

Looking forward to having a few (ok A LOT) with the crew!


  1. You guys have fun! I wish I could go.

  2. Have a great time.

    Robert does amazing work!!! Glad you could get him to create something for you guys for the show. He is just a great haunter.


  3. Sooooo wishing I could be there!!!