Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DC's Showcase Presents: The Witching Hour Vol. 1

DC Comics
Written by various; Art by various; Cover by Nick Cardy
544 pages, B&W, softcover
$19.99 US

This kick-ass new collection is out today at your local shop. From the official description:

DC's mystery/horror series THE WITCHING HOUR is collected for the first time in a value-priced package featuring issues #1-21! This volume features artwork by comics luminaries including Neal Adams, Alex Toth, Bernie Wrightson, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Wallace Wood, Gil Kane and more.

Definitely picking this up after work!


  1. I got my copy yesterday! I also noticed the comic shop had these old revamped issues of frankenstien, dracula etc..they were illustrated in a childrens storybook fashion..i need to get the actual titles and who published them but they looked awesome.

  2. Very cool. I'll start looking for that here.

  3. I used to buy the DC horror comics as a kid! Awesome!!