Monday, February 28, 2011

Monsterpalooza – Burbank, CA/April 8-10, 2011

For all the details, check out the site.

Book bound in human skin on display

Fun with the library!

Rick Baker & Dave Elsey win the Oscar for The Wolfman

Congrats for the Oscar win, guys!

This was Baker's 12th Oscar nomination and seventh win, while it was Elsey's second nomination and first win.

Gary B's: This Week in Horror History (Feb.28-Mar. 6)

Good morning my horror brethren, it’s time for your weekly dose of “This Week in Horror History”…

Feb. 28:
– The Monster and the Girl - released theatrically
1965 – Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors - released theatrically
1986 – House - released theatrically

Mar. 1:
– Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein (both directed by Andy Warhol) - released theatrically

Mar. 2:
– King Kong - released theatrically

Mar. 3:
– Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital – premieres on television

Mar. 4:
– Nosferatu - released theatrically
1965 – Paul W.S. Anderson (director) was born

Mar. 5:
– Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man - released theatrically
1954 – Creature from the Black Lagoon - released theatrically

Mar. 6:
Nothing notable on this day

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hauntcast 28: Plan 69 From Ur-Anus Now Playing!

Yup, boils and ghouls, it's that time of the month again.

This month Chris chops it up with the winner of the 2009 Haunters Video Award for Best Indoor/Walkthrough Haunt and this month’s special guest haunter, RUSS McKAMEY of McKAMEY MANOR.

The new ep also features:
Jonathan from Rotting Flesh Radio
Brent Ross from DC Props
Rev’s new segment Bestiary
and all the depravity that you expect from the Scream Team.

Subscribe now and check out all the haunted hooliganism and spooky shenanigans that is Hauntcast. If you do sign up for the 2011 season, you get Episodes 26, 27, 28, all the way through November!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mummy with hatchet robs mini mart

That's a good look.

Danny Boyle's stage production of Frankenstein gets creepy trailer

Hey everyone...director Danny Boyle's (28 Days Later, 127 Hours) theatrical vision of Frankenstein has recently received a very creepy trailer. The production will have actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller swapping their roles of Victor and the monster each night, thus the reason they keep morphing into each other during the trailer.

The production has just began its run in London, but for the rest of the us, it will be broadcast via satellite on March 17 and again in certain areas on March 24. The actors will also switch roles for the two broadcasts.

Danny is a tremendously talented director and I am always anxiously awaiting his next directorial fare, but this idea is a huge stretch for the imagination....only time will tell and keeping fingers crossed.

Click here to view the trailer...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hammer Legacy Soundtracks

What up, boils and ghouls!! Check out this cool Hammer music info courtesy of our fiends over at DC.

Three new compilations of Hammer soundtrack music will be released by Silva Screen on March 28th. We have "The Vampire Collection", "The Frankenstein Collection", and "The Science Fiction Collection." Sweet! The soundtracks will be available through iTunes and other digital outlets.

Check out the Hammer site for all the gory details.

Rob Zombie on “The Lords of Salem” and filmmaking

Empire caught up with Rob Zombie and talked to him a little bit about his films.

The newest project, The Lords of Salem, will start filming in April and should be released (I'm guessing) in 2012. He also talks about other projects such as the aborted Blob remake, and one I'd like to see made, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Argento begins casting Dracula 3-D

Hey everyone...Italian horror maestro Dario Argento has began casting for his version of the fanged one...Dracula and in 3D no less.

Argento's first cast member is the awesomely under-used Rutger Hauer. Hauer who is having a career revival lately has been cast to play the vampire hunter Van Helsing. He can be see in Hobo with a Shotgun.

Hmmmm...Argento....Hauer....Vampires....AWESOME....let's hope the 3D doesn't blow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kick-Ass Blogs You Should Be Following: The Blood-Curdling Blog of Monster Masks with The Yellow Phantom

Like other people out there, I want to periodically give a scream out and head's up on cool blogs you really should be checking out.

The first one is The Blood- Curdling Blog of Monster Masks with the Yellow Phantom. The Phantom describes himiself as "A long time lover of latex monster masks & vintage monster pop culture" and the blog definitely reflects that.

As a huge fan of costumes and masks, this joint is right up my alley - and most of yours as well, I'm sure. There are so many cool and kick-ass posts featuring vintage mask ads, interviews, spotlights, and so much more.

Please skip on over there and start following right now. It's a great and fun spot for monster kids of all ages.

Hammer novels - March 10th

You'll recall that Hammer is getting into the book market, and it looks like we don't have much longer to wait.

The first two novels will be released on March 10th - a novelization of the film The Resident, and a brand new edition of The Witches.

Check out the official site for more info.

Dead Island movie in the works

Thanks to the guys at Cinematical for uploading this amazing game trailer, which has been optioned for a feature film, let's hope they stick with the CGI....this looks amazing.

Click here for the game trailer...

Gary B's: This Week in Horror History (Feb.21-27)

Good morning my horror brethren, it’s time for your weekly dose of “This Week in Horror History”…

Feb. 21:
– The Hitcher - released theatrically

Feb. 22:
– The Queen of the Damned - released theatrically

Feb. 23:
– Mary Reilly - released theatrically

Feb. 24:
Nothing notable on this day

Feb. 25:
– Cursed - released theatrically

Feb. 26:
Nothing notable on this day

Feb. 27:
– Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors - released theatrically
2004 – Broken Lizard’s Club Dread - released theatrically
2005 – House of the Dead 2 - released on DVD

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreams DO Come True on the MSF

No, I'm not talking about the one where all 3,134 Facebook friends of Hauntcast actually become paid subscribers (that's a mere pipe dream and, if it came true, the fabulously wealthy yours truly would finally accept a paycheck from Mr. Baker) -

This, rather, is a very late scream out to my fab and kick-ass sister for the really cool birthday present. If you recall, I threw out another one of my Blackenstein crazed posts in a shameless solicitation for gifts.

Thank you again!! You rock :0) Love ya.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Walking Dead video game series


Personally I'm waiting for the Walking Dead toilet paper, microbrew and breakfast cereal.

Spooky Town 2011

Thanks to Shadowbat over at HalloweenForum for the link to Spooky Town 2011.

I really like the brewery pictured above!

Chopper with Tyler Mane

Thanks to DC for the head's up on this new webseries starring Tyler Mane.

From the Press Release:

DILEMMA, a Los Angeles based Branded Entertainment and Marketing Communications Agency, has officially launched an ambitious online horror experience ‘Chopper’ today with the release of the project’s teaser trailer featuring international horror icon Tyler Mane (Halloween 1,2). Based on the upcoming comic written by Martin Shapiro, Chopper is essentially a contemporary spin on the timeless Sleepy Hollow mythology with storylines revolving around a headless outlaw biker seeking vengeance in the afterlife by killing mortal sinners.

Check out the teaser and more info in the link.

Ghost Rider meets Machete meets Ichabod Crane? Why the hell not, I'm in.

RoboCop statue coming to Detroit

Forget the statue - get the city a real RoboCop pronto.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hauntcast invades Transworld

From the desk of Chris Baker:

February 15, 2011

The clouds have parted for a brief moment and the haunt gods have bestowed me with a free airline ticket and booth space at Transworld. Not only will I be there, but so will the entire Scream Team. For all the minions that will be in attendance you can find us at booth 1118. We will be sharing some space with Juneau Studios.

We will be raffling off:
How-To Haunt Your House Vol 1 & 2 by the Mitchell’s
Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein Graphic Novel
Trick r’ treat DVD
Let the right one in DVD
Halloween – An American Holiday, An American History by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne
Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson

and this phenomenal sculpt by Robert of Brandywine Cemetery.

This may be the only time the Team will be all together, so come hang with us if you’re in St. Louis.

...and even more Dark Shadows casting

More rumors:

Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (a bit young? Or will she play older?) while (shockingly!!) Helena Bonham Carter may be Dr. Julia Hoffman?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

David F. Friedman R.I.P.

The film producer passed away att the age of 87.

Check out the NYT obituary for more on him and his contribution to the genre.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark gets 8/12 release

What's 8 months among friends?

Re-Animator the Musical

Check out the gory details here........

Gary B's: This Week in Horror History (Feb.14-20)

Good morning my horror brethren, it’s time for your weekly dose of “This Week in Horror History”…

Feb. 14:
– The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog - released theatrically
1991 – The Silence of the Lambs - released theatrically

Feb. 15:
– Don Coscarelli (director of the Phantasm series) was born
2003 – House of the Dead - released theatrically

Feb. 16:
Nothing notable on this day

Feb. 17:
– House on Haunted Hill - released theatrically

Feb. 18:
Nothing notable on this day

Feb. 19:
– Hour of the Wolf - released theatrically
1970 – The Bird with the Crystal Plumage - released theatrically in Italy
1993 – Army of Darkness - released theatrically

Feb. 20:
– Freaks - released theatrically

Friday, February 11, 2011

Haunters Video Awards reminder - Deadline Tuesday 2/15!

Reminder, boils and ghouls!

This Tuesday, February 15th is the deadline to submit your vid! Here's what Jeff just posted over on HauntForum:

The deadline for submitting videos is this upcoming Tuesday the 15th at midnight PST. We will begin compiling the DVD set later in the week. Any videos submitted after the 15th will be included at our discretion and if at all added to the last disc out of alphabetic order.

We have 43 haunts so far which will end up creating a 4 disc set. The discs will sell for $25.00 ($18.75 for submitters) which includes shipping.

It will take several weeks to get the Disc Set prepared but our plan is to post a link to order the discs by the beginning of March. We will take pre-orders at that point and then create a large batch and send them right away.

So whatrya waitin' for??? Get your haunt submitted like yesterday! For more info, check out the link.

The Walking Dead action figures

McFarlane Toys announced two deals for figures based on “The Walking Dead.”

First, they cut a deal with AMC for figures based on the show, and they also reached a deal with Robert Kirkman for figures based on the comic book. From the article:

The first series of deluxe 6-inch figures is releasing in September 2011, includes four fan-favorite characters from the Image comic book including:

Officer Rick Grimes
Zombie Lurker
Zombie Roamer

The second series of deluxe 6-inch figures is revealed in November 2011 and introduces four figures based on AMC’s original drama including:
Deputy Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Zombie Walker
Zombie Biter

Pretty sweet!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Lon Chaney, Jr.

Happy birthday to horror icon Creighton Tull Chaney a/k/a Lon Chaney, Jr. a/k/a Lon Chaney(1906-1973)!

I have gotten away from reposting all the birthdays that I posted last year, but I couldn't let today go by without a scream out to Lon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty Scary Blood Bath Film Fest

I guess I am headed to another Film Fest at the end of the month, this time I am taking the daughter along for a one day road trip to Dallas. If anyone has heard anything on these films please let me know. Judging by the lineup on their website almost all of them are shorts, which is sweet.

DOA Blood Bath Entertainment in association with and Viscera Film Festival are pleased to announce the official selections for the Pretty Scary Blood Bath 2 Film Festival. The Pretty Scary Blood Bath 2 Film Festival is an event held in conjunction with the Women In Horror Recognition Month initiated in 2010 to recognize the women in the horror entertainment industry by Hannah Neurotica, editor and owner of Ax Wound Zine.

The Pretty Scary Blood Bath 2 Film Festival is the 26th of February, starting at 2:00 PM at the historic Texas Theatre located at 231 W. Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, Texas.

Here is the line up:
Barbee Butcher
Don’t Lose Heart
I Spit On Eli Roth
I’m A Little Teapot

For more information please visit or search for and friend DOA Blood Bath Entertainment on Facebook.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost Art of the Movie Poster

Here is an outstanding article written by "Canadian Will" over at and I whole heartily agree with every word he has written.

Click here...

Gary B's: This Week in Horror History (Feb.7-13)

Good morning my horror brethren, it’s time for your weekly dose of “This Week in Horror History”…

Feb. 7:
– Cannibal Holocaust - released theatrically

Feb. 8:
– The Fog - released theatrically

Feb. 9:
– Hannibal - released theatrically

Feb. 10:
– Lon Chaney, Jr. was born (d. 1973)
2006 – Final Destination 3 - released theatrically

Feb. 11:
– Leslie Nielsen (actor - Airplane, Creepshow, Prom Night) was born (d. 2010)
2006 – House of the Dead 2 – debuts on television

Feb. 12:
– Dracula - released theatrically
1940 – Ralph Bates (actor in Hammer films) was born (d. 1991)
1992 – Braindead - released theatrically
1999 – Brimestone ends its run on television

Feb. 13:
– Oliver Reed (actor in several horror films) was born (d. 1999)

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Dark Shadows casting

Eva Green as………


After Dark Originals

I talked about the After Dark Originals on the last ep of Hauntcast.

At the time, two of the eight films were not doing the limited theatrical run thing, but were going to debut later in the year.

Now it turns out Husk will premiere on Syfy this weekend, while Area 51 will debut on Syfy on February 26th. Additionally, a third film, Scream of the Banshee, will play on the same network in late March.

Calling All Screenwriters

A quick shout out to all screenwriters...this contest might be for you.

This is from their website...
Shriekfest is a festival dedicated to getting horror/thriller/sci-fi/fantasy filmmakers and screenwriters the recognition they deserve. The call for the 2011 edition of the festival is now open.
This Los Angeles film festival has been started back in 2001 and since then submissions have gone through the roof. Shriekfest has become huge success and a very popular festival.
Now, Shriekfest is an international film festival and screenplay competition that receives submissions from all over the world.

Click here to find out more...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dark Shadows casting rumors

Casting rumors: Jackie Earle Haley as Willie Loomis and Bella Heathcoate in the Victoria Winters role.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cool new Jason t-shirt

Thanks to DC for the head's up on this one.

Super7 has released this new t for the low low price of 25 bucks. The text is the first names of Jason's victims up through Jason Takes Manhattan.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Del Toro – New Yorker interview

Here's a nice story and interview with del Toro about his films, including upcoming projects Frankenstein and At the Mountains of Madness.