Friday, January 28, 2011

Trail Dance Film Fest

Hey everyone, tomorrow I am drving down to Duncan, OK for the 5th Annual Trail Dance Film Festival to screen a few of horror movies. I will be screening these award-winning the links to watch the trailers and to see the awards they have accumulated.

TRUE NATURE: (Feature - an amazing film I got to see at the Oklahoma Horror Film Fest)
A gripping combination of family drama and supernatural thriller, TRUE NATURE harkens back to the edgy fare of Polanski, Kubrick, and American films of the 1970s. This chilling tale of the American Dream gone awry examines the destructive power of guilt and the desire for redemption in a modern-day family that has been blessed with every advantage, but pays a heavy price for its comfort.

Two young boys are about to discover the mystery behind a jack-in-the-box recovered 65 years ago from a Nazi concentration camp.

The Grim Reaper is mistaken for a babysitter and learns a thing or two about life when left with a precious 9-year-old girl.

THE LAST TRICK OR TREATER: (Short - I designed the one-sheet and DVD packaging)
Be careful who you bully inthis life, you may pay for it later with your own.

I will hopefully give my review on Monday, if I make it out of the backwoods of Oklahoma....ALLLLLIIIIVVVVEEEEE!!!!


  1. That sounds like a kick-ass time!!

    Have fun and report back!

  2. Excellent! Looking forward to the reviews.

    Ali @Holiday Hollow