Monday, January 3, 2011

Hauntcast Subscriptions

Hey, gang - just a reminder and head's up about the Hauntcast subscriptions that Chris is offering.

Go to the Subscriptions section of the page for all the details. There are a number of options available, with some really great deals on merchandise and vendor discounts.

If you have already subscribed, thanks from everyone involved with the show. If you have not yet subscribed, but you enjoy the show and want it to keep going, please head on over to the site and subscribe, and then get another one for a friend (or two).

Again, the only way that Chris will be able to continue with the show is to have the listeners' support. He will be making a decision in the next month or so regarding Hauntcast's future, so please do not wait to support the show.

Johnny Thunder


  1. Love the show and happy to support it. I cannot recommend this show enough.


  2. After two years of Hauntcast in my life, I can't imagine prop building in silence. If Chris shutters the show, it'll be up to you, Johnny Thunder, to rise like a phoenix from the ashes with your spin-off podcast to save the day. You'll be just like the Situation getting his own show after Jersey Shore.

  3. The show is simply amazing, from the cast, the production quality, the graphics. Top notch all the way, we'll worth $12. We all waist at least that much every year on Great Stuff and Duct Tape.

  4. Chris - thank you for your continued and zealous support for the show. You have been one of the most vocal supporters in the community, and I know Baker and everyone greatly appreciates your enthusiasm and love.

    Rick - looks like someone's been drinking and posting! LOL - If Baker blows out the candle in the dungeon, that will be the last time you would hear my voice (hmmm, I think some people would think this to be a good thing!).

    Gary - exactly! There are so many other things we spend our money on and cripes - it's only 12 bucks.

    Again, everyone - PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I cannot stress enough the fact that Chris has to see the support, or the show will be done in a few months.

    Thanks boils and ghouls!!