Friday, December 17, 2010

District 9 director goes Viral

Movieline has posted this...

A mysterious video from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp popped up in the digital iPad version of WiReD Magazine - and nobody knows what it is! In the clip itself, two guys find a dead monster (or possibly alien), and then a dead something else in the distance. A circular stamp on the side reads: “18.12 AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA.” Don’t worry, I’ve tried entering every version of that phrase into a web browser to no avail. Though if anyone is better than me with anagrams and has some other suggestions, chime in. So yes, it could be a promo for Blomkamp’s upcoming sci-fi film Elysium…or something else.


  1. I wonder what kind of wine goes with it?

  2. I sure looks like a statement about genetically modified food gone horribly wrong.