Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hauntcast 25: Evil Turkey Day

I'm a little late in this since the show's been out since Friday night, but I've been busy.

Hauntcast 25 is now playing, and the Scream Team is back with the usual hauntastic goodness, including Chris' interview with Dave the Dead! Check it out!

Also, be sure to check out what Chris has to say about the future of the show in the latest episode, and also on the blog. He needs your support in order for him to continue bringing you the quality program you have all come to love. No shitting around - it's really up to you, the listeners.

That's it for this time, boils and ghouls. Stay scary.


  1. Everyone needs to go and support Chris B and the awesomeness which is HauntCast. I ordered my shirts and will try to convince him to place a donate button thru paypal on his site. It sure helped Steve-O over at Garage of Evil.
    Come on and help a fellow haunter,

  2. Thanks, Gary.

    Yup, as we all are saying, it's up to the community at this point. It would be a shame to end the show, but we shall see.

  3. I'll do my best to champion this cause!

  4. Thanks Gary.

    Again, as I have said to Chris, time will only tell.