Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creature and Mummy action figures

Scream out ot my pal Tom for the head's up on these cool Creature and Mummmy figures available over at the cool site Things You Never Knew Existed.


  1. I actually have a few pics on my blog where you can see the Creature, the variant of The Mummy (minus the crossed arms and closed eyes) and The Wolf-Man from this set. I do a graveyard scene in my entryway every year, using my horror figures, and this year I incorporated these guys into it. I didn't use the Julie Adams figurine, as it didn't fit with the display (she's in my regular display that is up during the year though), but otherwise, you can get a pretty good idea of what they look like out of the package.

    There is also a variant of the Gill-Man, with a brighter paint job and a different base (no Julie included). I have him as well, but he isn't in the display. The Wolf-Man, variant Mummy and variant Creature are all Toys R Us exclusives, whilst the versions you have pictured here are available from comic shops and online retailers (personally, I recommend The House of Mysterious Secrets. I've ordered lots of horror collectibles from them, and never had any issues).

  2. Very cool, GM! I will definitely check them out. Thanks for the head's up.