Monday, November 22, 2010

Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot

Guess what the next redo willy is gonna be? Check out all the gory details in the link for producers, writers, etc., but here's a quote about the tone of the flick:

"Whit approached us with an exciting idea about how to update Buffy," says Roven in a press release. "There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character's return to the big screen. We're thrilled to team up with Doug and Roy on a re-imagining of Buffy and the world she inhabits. Details of the film are being kept under wraps, but I can say while this is not your high school Buffy, she'll be just as witty, tough, and sexy as we all remember her to be."

Any Buffy fans (the flick or TV show) out there excited (or disgusted) about this news?


  1. You know, it's just hard to not like hot cheerleaders killing vampires.


  2. A “reboot” of the terrible Buffy the Vampire Slayer film is a bad idea!

    A reboot of the superior television series is a joke! Particularly without the involvement of Joss Whedon – who created the concept and wrote both the film and the best of the television episodes.

    It just goes to show how out of touch producers in Hollywood are with genre fans, if they think that fans of Joss’ Buffy TVS would support a “reboot”.

    I can only assume that they’re going for the younger Twilight fans that were most likely too young for most of the original Buffy TVS television run.

    While they’re at it, why don’t they “reboot” Angel, or Firefly or The X-Files, or Stargate, or Babylon 5…? Well… you get the point. As fans, all we can do is not support these stupid and unnecessary reboots, remakes and updates by avoiding them like the plague.

  3. I'm not always oppossed to remakes or reboots, but this one is just plain DUMB! I enjoyed the first, so-bad-it's-good film, and I LOVED the show...but a reboot? Nah. The show was damned-near perfection, and I'm not interested in seeing them "Twilight"-up the whole thing. Like Fritz said, obviously the producers are out of touch on this one.