Friday, October 8, 2010

What's Your Top Horror Movies? Here's Gary B's Top 13

I know most of us hate Top 10 lists, but given what time of year it is I always find it interesting to find out what the majority of us consider their scariest movies to watch. So here is my Top 13 horror movies to watching during Halloween. These are staples in my DVD arsenal and most of them I find some sort of inspiration for building props in my haunted house.
Let me know what your list is, I am curious to find out how different they are.

13. The Evil Dead Trilogy - How could I single out one!
12. The Fog - 1980s original by John Carpenter
11. Alien - Need I say more
10. American Werewolf in London - John Landis and Rick Baker at their best.
9. Freaks - If you have not seen this, DO IT NOW!
8. Suspiria - By Dario Argento
7. The Thing - John Carpenter again
6. Zombie - Lucio Fulci, a pure Italian horror classic
5. The Omen - Do I need to go any further with this one??? I did not think so
4. Phantasm - The Tall Man still creeps me out.
3. Young Frankenstien - I know its not a horror movie, but it's my list (LOL)
2. Halloween (1978) - Another John Carpenter classic, not the craptastic R. Zombie schlock!

Drum roll please....................

1. The Exorcist - This movie will stand the test of time, as what I think is the greatest horror movie of all time.

So what's yours??!!


  1. Gary - good list!

    People have asked me to do one and I've always been too lazy to do it. I think I did post one on a board a long time ago, I just have to find it - and see if I still hold the same opinions.

    I'm anxious to see anyone else comment on your post.

  2. I agree, LOVE The Exorcist!


  3. I do enjoy your list. All great movies. Big Will and myself made a top 100 horror list a couple of months ago. I guess I'll have to go back and dig up my list and post it here.

  4. Great movies...Truly classics... In the spirirt of things here is my top 13:

    13. Halloween (Zombie Version) I loved getting to see the backstory...Amazing!!

    12. Halloween (Original) Hard to beat the original that's why it's the original.

    11.The Bad Seed Truly terrifying little girl.

    10. Night of the Living Dead: 1968: Creepy! Love when they are dragging the dead bodies out of the truck and started eating them!

    9. An American werewolf in London: The werewolf transformation scene is historic. I didn't sleep for days after.

    8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 1974: May have one of the greatest endings ever...Amazing.

    7. Nightmare On Elm St. Original... First glimpse of Robert Englund as Freddy... Need I say more.

    6. Pet Sematary... A great book and Movie.. Gage was crazy..

    5.Salems Lot... One of the scariest vampire movies ever... The scene when the boy is trying to get them to let him in...Good stuff.

    4. THe thing: Sick Stuff

    3. The Devils Rejects: Even the sheriff is demented in this one... then you have Otis... Instant Classic.

    2. The Exorcist: Scary, Terrifying, anything else you want to say!!!

    1. Freaks (1932) One of the most creepy things I have ever see.. I mean real side show freaks... Awesome.

  5. Suspira and Phantasm I never liked. But I groove with the rest of the list. It's hard to narrow it down to one, but I'd have to say Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my number 1. Mostly because I was still a kid when I saw it and it scared the bejesus out of me like no movie since!