Friday, October 22, 2010

Hauntcast 24: Carpe Noctem

Just in time for Halloween comes the madness and hijinx of Hauntcast 24. Here's what da G/Host Chris Baker has in store for you this month:
He told us all, “Home Is Where The Haunt Is”. Truer words were never spoken. With his book and video series, “The Haunter’s Handbooks”, his annual home haunt, Dark Works, a line of rigid foam products and his pioneering use and coining of the term “monster mud”, this month’s special guest has been at the forefront of modern home haunting for the past decade. We proudly present a very special interview with STEVE HICKMAN of TERROR SYNDICATE.

As a special “treat” for Halloween, we have an extra bonus feature for you. A home in North Carolina that is a nearly exact replica of the Myers home from John Carpenter’s 1978 classic film, HALLOWEEN. With extraordinary attention to accuracy and detail, not to mention collectibles up the wazoo, we present an interview with creator KENNY CAPERTON of MYERS HOUSE NORTH CAROLINA. Happy Halloween from all of us here at Hauntcast!

With Halloween days away, Revenant gives haunters everywhere a thrilling, chilling… pep talk!
Johnny and Chris ritualistically sacrifice M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil and open the door to Let Me In.The Mistress of Mayhem presents a very special tribute Ray Bradbury’s inspired story, “The Halloween Tree”.
Welcome Denhaunt to the Scream Team! First up, a tutorial on making props with latex and balls. Cotton balls, that is.
HalloweenZombie’s Gourdzilla.
Treats you should NOT give out this Halloween!

Give it a listen, grab a beverage, and stay scary!!!

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