Monday, October 11, 2010

Danny Boyle to direct third "28 Days" film/Updated

In an exclusive, Dread Central is reporting that Danny Boyle will return to direct the third film in the “28 Days” series.

However, STYD is saying that this is not substantiated and may not be 100% set in stone. I suppose time will tell. More details to come.


  1. How awesome is this? Boyle is the man, he can switch genres like nobodys business.

  2. JT,

    I know you're not a big zombie movie fan, but I love 'em! Well, the good ones anyway, and maybe that's the problem: there are just so few of them. Too much camp and comedy for my tastes.

    But "28 Days Later" is one of my favorites; "28 Weeks Later," not so much. Enjoyable, but had that ripoff quality feel to it. Maybe with the original director back in the chair, it will be a better shoot this time out...assuming it's all true.


  3. Rich...I totally agree with you.