Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Butch Patrick at The Bates Motel

I forgot to mention that Butch Patrick made an appearnce at the Bates last Friday night, and will return this Friday night!

He's a local resident now, and will be there to say hi to everyone and sign autographs. If you're in the area, and planned on checking out the Bates this season, Friday night is supposed to have great weather - and - Eddie Munster!

And remember the news about the new Munsters pilot? Well, here's what Butch had to say:

Patrick tells us, "Honestly, it should be left alone" -- adding, "I think it shows they are desperate for content."

Despite the criticism, O.G. Eddie Munster did have a casting suggestion for the NBC execs -- saying, "Unless they get Brad Garrett to play Herman, it's not going to do well."

Right from a Munsters' mouth!


  1. You should ask him what he thinks about the possibility of a NEW Munsters.

  2. Funny you should say that - my sister sent me a link with his comments, I forgot to post!