Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Art of Hammer

As an illustrator and graphic designer it pains me to say the "ART" of the movie poster is a dying art form. When I mean art in capital letters, I actually mean the hand-painted, ultra-creative pieces of art that used to adorn all of our beloved cineplex's. How I miss the works Basil Gogos and John Alvin. Unfortunately the art form is about as dead as disco.

But alas my friends... a collection is about to come out showcasing some of Hammer Films finest movie artwork.

Moviephone had this to say about the here to see some of the artwork samples

Hammer's on the comeback trail! Don't believe it? There's a Hammer film in theaters right this very second ('Let Me In'), there's another one right around the corner ('The Woman In Black' starring Daniel Radcliffe), and Titan Books is launching a jam-packed art book dedicated to the beloved British studio. Featuring over 300 images from private collections and studio archives, 'The Art of Hammer' details the history of the studio through its eye-popping movie posters. The book hits retailers November 2010, keeping the Halloween spirit alive all the way through the upcoming Holiday season.Titan has offered up four exclusive images from 'The Art of Hammer.' For poster fans, there's the bosomy, lurid poster for 'Blood From the Mummy's Tomb' and the funky fresh kung-fu stylings of 'The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires' (aka 'Seven Brothers Meet Dracula'). They're both very cool, but even cooler are the two promotion-related pics -- a double-bill advertisement for 'Dracula, Prince of Darkness' and 'Plague of the Zombies,' and an amazing shot from 1958, of the Gaumont Cinema in London's Haymarket, decked out for the premiere of 'Dracula' (known in the States as 'The Horror of Dracula'). Theater marquees today just don't have the same flair, do they?


  1. Man, I miss the days of TRUE movie posters. The days of Struzan and Gogos may be gone, but I'll always hold those posters fondly in my memories. They fired up the imagination, and actually made me want to SEE the films they advertised.

    Most of today's posters are photoshopped, and there is certainly merit and art involved in some of them. The vast majority, however, are just generic, boring images that don't really give any real feel as to what the movie in question will be like. Great, glad to know that Courtney Cox will be in this flick...but what the hell is it actually about?

    Thanks for the heads-up on the book! That is definitely a must-have for my collection!