Monday, October 11, 2010

2nd Annual Ohio 24-Hour Horror Marathon - Grandview Theatre - October 23rd & 24th - Columbus, OH


Head's up for anyone in the Columbus, OH area on a cool event happening in a few weeks. Taken from the official site:

Following last year's smash success resurrection of the Ohio 24-Hour Horror Marathon, Bruce Bartoo and Joe Neff once again team up with the demented geniuses at The Grandview Theatre to unleash another round-the-clock extravaganza of cinematic excess and celluloid chills.

This year's Marathon will feature four major anniversary celebrations, including:

- A celebration for the 100th anniversary of Frankenstein on film, featuring the 1910 Edison Frankenstein short and James Whale's iconic 1931 Frankenstein, with Boris Karloff and Colin Clive
- A 50th Anniversary screening of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
- A 50th Anniversary screening of William Castle's 13 Ghosts, in stunning, mind-warping ILLUSION-O! Free Official Shock Around the Clock Ghost Viewer to all who attend!
- A gala 20th Anniversary celebration of legendary Marathon short Night of the Living Bread, with its esteemed director and leader of the Secret Bread Empire Kevin S. O'Brien IN PERSON, direct from Australia
In addition to these landmarks, the Nightmarathon lineup will also feature:
- A rare 35mm screening of the 1932 Island of Lost Souls (which has never been released on legitimate domestic DVD), with Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi
- A rare 35mm screening of David Cronenberg's sexual parasite tour de force They Came from Within
- Nobuhiko Obayashi's absolutely gonzo, bloody, surreal, comedic, totally bonkers 1977 Japanese haunted house cult epic Hausu (a.k.a. House)
- A rare 35mm screening of Dario Argento's Inferno the second film in his psychedelically horrific Three Mothers Trilogy
- Brian DePalma's sleek, erotic, twisted, slasheriffic and Hitchcockian Dressed to Kill
- A tribute to the late, great Dennis Hopper with Tobe Hooper's goofy, gory Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
- John Carpenter's atmospheric, Lovecraftian Prince of Darkness
- Pascal Laugier's brutal and disturbing French shocker Martyrs
- Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks in the slugerific Slither
One or two premieres may be added or substituted into the splatterific slate of films. Possible premieres include:
- The festival smash hit of backwoods gore Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
- Shinya Tsukamoto's cyberhorror Tetsuo 3 (a.k.a. Tetsuo: The Bullet Man)
- The highly controversial, festival audience-shocking A Serbian Film
- The upcoming remake of I Spit On Your Grave
- Modern day alien invasion fest Monsters
- Corrupt cops meet zombies in The Horde
- More Japanese craziness in Mutant Girls Squad
- The 2nd Annual Costume Contest, with $100 first prize and the return of the GIANT check!
- The 2nd Annual Scream Contest!
- Coffinloads of prizes!
- Trailers, trailers and more trailers and shorts from the Nightmarathon archives!
- Official Shock Certificate to all who survive! Suitable for framing...or hanging!
- And more surprises!

Tickets are $33 in advance or $40 at the door.

Go to the official site
for all the info.

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