Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Super-8 Vincent Price Movie Madness in 3-D/The Way Out Club - October 8th

Scream out again to tomsmonstertoys for the 411 on this event.

“SUPER-8 VINCENT PRICE MOVIE MADNESS in 3-D” at the Way Out Club will be held on Tuesday October 5th from 8pm to Midnight. These are Super-8 Sound films condensed from features (they average 15 minutes in length) and will be projected on a large screen at the Way Out Club. Admission is a measly THREE BUCKS!!!! (this is unrelated to Vincentennial)

October 5th will be our one-year anniversary show and we have a special event honoring St. Louis’ greatest movie star. Condensed versions of the following Vincent Price films will be screened: THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP, THE RAVEN, MASTER OF THE WORLD, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, THE CONQUEROR WORM, a 7-film VINCENT PRICE TRAILER REEL, and THE MAD MAGICIAN which is in 3-D !!!. I’m also going to set up a video projector at one point in the evening and show an episode of the 1960’s TVshow ‘BATMAN’ where Vincent Price guest-villained as ‘The Egghead’!

Since we’re bringing our big box of 3-D glasses (plenty for everyone), there will be 3-D screenings of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, and The Three Stooges in PARDON MY BACKFIRE. That’s a pretty full show but we should be able to squeeze in two more films: MIGHTY JOE YOUNG and the 1953 Sci-Fi fave INVADERS FROM MARS…This will be our BEST…SHOW….EVER !!!!

The Way Out Club is located at 2525 Jefferson Avenue in South St. Louis (corner of Jefferson and Sydney). There are yummy Way-Out pizzas available for only $8.00. Spread the word to all local movie lovers and fans of Vincent Price.

Check out The Way Out Club's My Space page for more info.

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  1. I would kill to go to this, it sounds amazing. Vincent Price AND a 3-D screening of Creature from the Black Lagoon.