Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scary Monsters Magazine #76

Ah - the air has a chill to it, Halloween loot is on the shelves, roadside stands are starting to carry mums and scarecrows, The Bates Motel opens in 2 weeks......what could be more perfect as Autumn is (pretty much) upon us?

That's right, boils and ghouls - the latest and greatest issue of a "Real Monster Magazine" arrived at stately Thunder Manor. "The Seventy-Sixth Scary Laboratory Issue" of Scary Monsters Magazine is here!! I didn't get a chance to dive in last night, but plan on doing so right after work today.

And, if that wasn't cool enough, check out a certain reader's name in print.

Yup, that be me! I was one of several people who correctly guessed last month's Scary Secret Photo. My name, in print in Scary Monsters Mag! Too cool.

Now I just need to stop being lazy and finally write an article for submission. Now that would be the coolest.


  1. Again, I congratulate you Johnny for your support of this fang-tastic horror magazine! I've guessed at the secret scary photo a few times myself, but never correctly. I just got my issue in the mail yesterday and will try to milk this one until the big day - Halloween - of course!

  2. How cool is that...congrats my man!