Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Renfield: The Undead (2010)

Bob Willems' Renfield: The Undead will debut at the Bram Stoker Film Festival in Whitby, England, from October 14-17. Dread Central has up a bunch of the flick's images and information. The official webiste and trailer are coming later this week.

The film's plot has been summarized as follows:

R. N. Renfield (Nichols), once the slave of Dracula, is now an insane vampire stalking a modern metropolis (Bayou City). Known as "The Bayou City Butcher", he is pursued by Detective Paul Cranston, a driven homicide investigator who always gets his man. Renfield is also sought by Mina Harker (newcomer Roxy Cook), now also a vampire, and her hybrid-vampire son, Quincy (Tackett). The dark pair are seeking a relic in Renfield's possession: the skull Of Dracula. It is their intent to use the skull to resurrect Dracula and restore the house of Dracula. It is a game of cat and mouse in which the mad vampire Renfield reveals his ancient past with the Vampire Lord Dracula and battles the forces of darkness and the mortals of Bayou City.

Dracula is being portrayed by John W. Stevens, and the case also includes Phil Nichols, as Renfield, Julin, Cory Hart, Shelley Boozer, Mel House, Paul Damon, Joe Grisaffi, Tyler Tackett, and Keli Wolfe.

More info as it comes.

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  1. The first look sneak peak trailer for "Renfield: The Un-dead" we released to Dreadcentral this morning. Hope you enjoy it!

    -Melissa Nichols, producer