Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Blobfest 2010 T-Shirt

This is a long overdue post given Blobfest was held in July, but.......well, you know what they say.

As you all know, I am fortunate enough to live and work not too far from Phoenixville, where The Blob was filmed, and where The Colonial Theatre holds the annual Blobfest each summer.

Well, this year didn't turn out so great for the festival. That Saturday, which is the big day complete with the kick-ass street fair, live bands, costume contests, food, and Blob-tastic fun and screenings was pretty much rained out. Our area got hit with a massive rain storm and all of the outside activities were unfortunately canceled. Given the logistics of going with our toddler daughter, we sadly had to bail on attending.

However, I contacted the Theatre the next week and was happy to learn they still had a supply of official t-shirts available for sale. I drove right up there and scored another fangtastic t-shirt for my collection.

Here's to a dry and sunny event next year, and another cool t!

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  1. Sucks that you couldn't go, but at least you got a shirt!