Monday, September 20, 2010

King Kong to storm Broadway

OK, and here I thought the Spider Man show was the weirdest thing I've heard about on Broadway......but now a certain giant ape looks poised to be center stage.

Here's an official blurb from the site:

Global Creatures has announced that production work has begun and a creative team has been assembled for KING KONG – Live on Stage, authorised by the Merian C. Cooper Estate.

Directed by Daniel Kramer , and written by Tony nominee Craig Lucas, KING KONG will have music by BAFTA winner and Grammy nominee Marius de Vries, with several other musical collaborators to be announced .The creative team also includes Helpmann Award-winner Peter England (Production designer), Sonny Tilders (Creature designer), John O’Connell (Choreographer), Tony Award-winner Roger Kirk (Costume designer), Olivier Award-winner Peter Mumford (Lighting designer), Gavin Robins (Aerial/Circus director) and Frieder Weiss (projection).

One of the greatest love stories of all time, KING KONG – Live on Stage will feature a cast of more than 40 onstage actors, singers, dancers and puppeteers. The adventure begins in 1933 in New York City at the height of the Depression. The music in KING KONG will feature several new songs by Marius de Vries who is also writing the incidental musical score, as well as arranging the classic period songs that will be featured in the production.

Check the site out as well as this one for all the details. Personally, I'm waiting for the King Kong vs. Godzilla musical........

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