Monday, September 20, 2010

Del Toro Talks "'Mountains Of Madness" & "Haunted Mansion"

Thanks to Latino Review with an update from del Toro about two of his projects.

Where is he on The Haunted Mansion?

He said it will be PG-13 and it will be a "dark ride". Says they turned in the storyline last week to Disney along with the first few key concept drawings. Matthew Robbins is writing and he'll start in about a month. Hopes to know if Disney will move forward on it in January. At that time he'll figure out if he will direct it or if it will be someone else.

I'm guessing he is not going to have the time to direct that one given he has another flick in the works. Which one that be? Oh yeah, At The Mountains of Madness, which del Toro has described as his ultimate dream project. So how's that going?

Del Toro gave me a scoop when he reveled Dennis Muren is designing the monsters! Muren told him "you've never seen monsters like this." He went on to say the film isn't greenlit yet, he'll be talking to some Lovecraft scholars to get their input on the script, hopes to make the movie without interference, explained how he's got James Cameron involved, and says the film suffers from two big issues: it's a hard core R rated movie and it's a horror tentpole with a big budget.

Well, if anyone can move forward and get this thing made, it's definitely del Toro and Cameron.

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