Friday, September 24, 2010

Cutting Edge - The Worlds Largest Haunted House

Hey guys and gals, I am going to be heading down to Fort Worth, TX this weekend to check out the Guiness World Record Holder for the Largest Walk-Thru Haunted House...The Cutting Edge Haunted House.

Cutting Edge is located in a 235,000 square foot warehouse built in the late 1920's, which used to be an old meat packing plant (located in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas at the intersection of I-30, I-35 and Hwy 287). It is supposed to take over an hour to walk-thru.

Here is a link to their site...

Check back on Monday to check out my review/interview and pictures.


  1. Like I said last night, kick-ass! This looks like a great haunt, and even cooler that you were granted interviews and allowed to take pics!

    Have a great time, man. Looking forward to the post.

  2. I hate you :D

    So looking forward to your review!! Have a great time.


  3. Dang and again.....dang!

  4. Cutting Edge was awesome.... Was glads to have met Gary B and his family, and learn of this site... can't wait to see the pics.